Today’s corporate life is very busy and scheduled. Everyone is creating and developing their career in many fields. Apart from working for 10 hours a day in your business, you can go with some other practice which is profitable and consume less working hours. Entrepreneurs are currently increasing at a higher rate. They believe in smart work in right time, and when you consider various industries, and then the digital world is on the top. IT Industry is dramatically changing the people standard of living and way of witnessing various services. The more you have an idea on it field the more you need to know and lets you want to worry about money and fund. There are various techniques and methods which help in boosting business process and one can run his /her business by working 2 hours in a day.  Silicon Valley of USA is the hub of world start-up.

There are various benefits of short working hours like, you can enjoy your life with friends and families, and it will help in reducing stress. Go with best of human stock that are an expert, creative, punctual and worthy. Make your company a place of creative works not for earning just money. Today modern era of business allowing less working hours and ensure their workers and employees health concern. It is research by a foreign country that working for longer hours initially gives a return but tend to fall in the long term. On the contrary, shorter working hours enable high productivity by inducing employees attention to the company can perform well in their respective field. It is a well-mentioned fact that by 2030 there will be very less interest in doing the job for other everyone will be own boss and work according to their time to create an own identity in the field of IT Industry. Following are some business idea you can start where you need to work less than 2 hours to deploy your time.

Become a freelancer

The most common and very active concept of earning from home. You can implement just 2 hours in a day can build a profile in freelance site. There are again many works where you can apply and starts your own business. Following are the freelance jobs you can do over any freelance website:

  • Content writer

The content writer needs very less time or depends on experience and knowledge to write content for others and get paid in return. A content writer writes for business news, press releases, article, blogs, and much other content related task which is core of any business online.

  • Website designer

A website designer is like your building construction company, website designer develops your online website address and enables others to visit your business and ask for any proposal.

  • Website developer

Website development is dramatically increasing in today’s developing world; there are over millions of clients on the internet seeking expertise developer to use their site like they need and want to present in front of the world.

It is like an online business portal can anyone visit and ask for various project.

  • Digital marketing service

Digital marketing agencies are a pioneer in the field of marketing consultant delivers global service to their clients and satisfying the same. Digital marketing offers services like Search engine optimization, pay per click, Google Analytics social media marketing, social media optimization, etc. it is again an important part of the company advertisement.

  • Logo and graphic designer

By designing the logo of other company, you can earn money on the go. The brilliant artist needs roughly 3o minutes to create a unique brand logo. Demand for this creative works is very high on the internet. You just need to deploy your 1-2 hours daily and can earn money and run your business.

  • Mobile application developer

There are usually three major platforms in this concern, Android app development, iPhone app development, windows app development and blackberry app development. And applications are developed by using various other platforms by the coder. Mobile development needs time, but it depends on your project delivery date and time. Work accordingly and prepare a mobile application for your clients.

Affiliate Marketing:

There are numerous extraordinary items out there, and there are a large number of individuals who needs these things consistently, your occupation is to elevate these items to the intended interest group. You make a commission on each deal. All you need is a landing page; you can do this from Marketing Automation.


Create your YouTube channel and upload video and discussion about trending or any other things according to your interest and passion. Make the most out of it make a creative career in the social field. New entrepreneurs deliberately believe in YouTube channel for entertainment purpose, knowledgeable use and for other areas where the user can view their posted video, and they can earn out of it. Believe in yourself and start a good career by giving 2 hours in a day. One can make money by giving 2 hours and also need the proper attention for those 2 hours. Take project, complete project and get award and money in return.


It depends on yourself that how you can manage your time. If you are currently working in a company and want to do the extra job, then same goes to you with another person who wants to do work only 2 hours and earn money. I would say it is your choice to go with which option want to make extra money or want to start a business and recruits employees and start competing for assign project. Go with the best freelance website and update your professional profile. Believe in quality works and ask clients to review your task after accomplishing by you. It will help in recognizing your creativity and way of ensuring other demand to a successful project.

Kitty Gupta