In the event that you are hoping to pick between introducing WhatsApp or Viber on your cell phone, then don’t pick. Introduce both in light of the fact that it doesn’t hurt to do as such unless you have restricted space on your gadget. In any case, while having both on your gadget, you should pick sooner or later, in light of the fact that you will at long last tend to support one over the other. SMS was very popular and rules a decade prior this instant messaging app. Then passage of time and modern tech era brought WhatsApp and Viber. You should pick one of the two if, for instance, you need to set up a gathering or you need to make a voice call or a video call or need to call somebody on their landline or versatile number or need to send a few reports and so on. You can hire freelancers for your any project related to application development for your business purpose. Let’s know first about support system of these two applications:

Since cell phones utilization is on the ascent, IM applications have turned into a need of clients. Among all these, WhatsApp and Viber are the most well known ones. In this article, we will look at the elements of both the applications and afterward close a victor toward the end.

You may know about the elements of both the applications. They let you talk utilizing the Internet just, they have heaps of emoticons, and you can set your profile on both the applications, and so on. Be that as it may, what are the things that improve one than the other? Check the correlation in following points:


WhatsApp supported android phones 2.1 and above, iPhone on iOS 4.3 & above, blackberry 4.6 and above, and wide range of Nokia S40 AND S60 phones.

Viber is supported above iOS 4.3, android OS 2.0, windows phone 7, blackberry OS5 and OS7 and Nokia S40 – Nokia S60.


WhatsApp user interface is very simple and easy for experience. WhatsApp Inc launches very frequent update which makes it more appealing and interesting for user to experience new things. The only point to remember is that in which platform you are using this end-to-end encryption method app. There is a limitation of WhatsApp in Nokia s40 and Nokia s40 Symbian where you cannot watch other profile picture and also you can’t text alphabetic words with emoticons while texting others. But this has been done for better user experience. On the contrary android phone and iPhone has standard user interface which make user having all the feature with standard blue/green colored user interface.

On the other hand, Viber has the purple and white colored interface for all different platform users. Viber has two main basic menu bar and the video, image option create messy impression for users. Viber also has limitation according to user interface in Nokia Symbian regarding user interface.


WhatsApp now cost nothing zero initially for one year and after that user need to update it by $0.99. And same goes for other platform such as Android, windows, blackberry operating system, and Symbian. ON THE OTHER SIDE Viber is totally free for other platforms and it does not include advertisements like WhatsApp. WhatsApp uses ads where as Viber never ads for other however some stickers that you can use after paying online amount to use. When \you consider freelancer for application development then they can give you freelancing tips for uplifting your business. You can also add WhatsApp in your business for marketing purpose.


Through WhatsApp you can send text, voice message, audio, video, contacts, and share location to your friends and relatives. You can update your avatar over your profile picture and also can add your current status. The best part is you no need to log in and log out while using or exiting the app. There are many emoticons, different user layout for best and smart experience.

In context to this Viber is poor because its video calling features are not good because of bandwidth as compared to WhatsApp. Also big size stickers are drawbacks in Viber.


In WhatsApp user need to have a cellular number which will get confirmed and the only one can use WhatsApp features. After that it will automatically scan the contact on the device save and enable you to have chat with them. You can also block some contacts if he/she creating any problem or you is not interested to chat with him/her. Blocking ensure that blocked contact id can’t send any message to you neither he/she can access any of your information in WhatsApp. Viber also offers the same and delivering very good user experience. WhatsApp ensure end-to-end encryption which is also offered by Viber.


WhatsApp and Viber deliver the same equivalent service when comes to matter of texting and video-audio calling. But when we compare the speed and user experience then WhatsApp wins because Viber is not ensuring well user experience.


As far as features concerned WhatsApp Messenger has been forthright about its no advertisements approach. Among its reasons, as referred to in an organization blog entry At each organization that offers promotions, a critical bit of their building group spends their day tuning information mining, composing better code to gather all your own information, updating the servers that hold every one of the information and ensuring it’s all being logged and examined and cut and bundled and delivered out. And by the day’s end the after effect of everything is a somewhat extraordinary publicizing standard in your program or on your versatile screen. Keep in mind, when promoting is included you the clients are the item.

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Kitty Gupta