WhatsApp Messenger is the best messaging applications for Smart phones. This messenger can be used in cross-platform and deliver end-to-end encryption method for quick texting. WhatsApp demand the only internet to make a voice call, video call, send text messages, images, any documents, you can share your location with friends and relatives, audio file, voice recording clip, and phone contacts, etc. There is much and very relevant features compiled in this app which makes it a great people choice by signing up with a cellular number. It also comprises of status, profile picture or avatar where subscriber/ operator make changes to their status and update their photos with friends and contacts. It is an available in the multilingual instant messaging app to get connected with social media and other friends. WhatsApp parent company is FaceBook, and current CEO of WhatsApp is Jan Koum. WhatsApp Inc. acquired by FaceBook in February 2014 and by 2017 WhatsApp instant messenger has successfully obtained above one Billion users. Thus it makes a most wanted instant messaging application at this time.

When we talk about the freelance services by using this application then currently WhatsApp end-to-end encryption is the trending social messaging app for billion so professional find it easy to promote their business through it.

When we talk about the compatibility of the WhatsApp quick texting app with other devices and mobiles

  • iPhone
  • Windows Phone
  • Nokia s40
  • Blackberry
  • Nokia S60
  • Blackberry 10

For installation on your Android phone, you must have a running Android version of 2.3.3 or later. Your Android phone will receive a call or SMS for verification purpose. And for clarification, you also need a data plan on your mobile or Wi-Fi network to go through with the process.

When we talk about the installing procedure of this messenger app in Samsung Galaxy then there is one process which you can follow step by step:

Step 1:

 On your Samsung Galaxy device tap the menu button or tap Apps

Step 2:

 Then touch on play store which is Google play store


 Now you have all the access to download million of application from Google app store where from you need to enter WhatsApp in search option and then select WhatsApp Messenger

Step 4:

 Now you may have an option of install and where you need to click.

Remember- You will need to have free space in your RAM storage for installation and also in device storage otherwise delete or uninstall some installation which is not required by you or you don’t need the app at all.

Step 5:

 Next is touching and accepting WhatsApp messenger policies, rules and regulation by clicking on accept.

Step 6

 The last step will take some time, and your system will automatically download the application and install it for you in your Samsung galaxy. Then after installation, you can touch the WhatsApp icon from your menu page and follow the further steps.

To make your account on WhatsApp messenger, you can follow the process and explore your new social media experience:

Touch on WhatsApp app and then create an account where you will find an option for a correct phone number, this is because you need to have a verified number for registering your number on WhatsApp database. Where a verification code or call will come right after submission of your number, so give the right number which is with you and fowl the next step.

The first information they will ask is your country code. It may come automatically, or you can find it out from international dialing codes for knowing your country code. Do remember that for India it is +91 and leave the 0 before your number don’t mention this because it will again not according to WhatsApp database.

So after this step, you will need to verify the account confirmation by putting six digit verification codes.

Now you can update your profile name, status and all the things from setting option where you will find privacy option for letting other knows about your status, last seen and viewing profile picture, etc. WhatsApp demands quality features like data usage where you can you can manage media auto-download option.

This instant application for quick texting delivers exactly needed and best uses features like

  • You can set your font size
  • You can change wallpaper for your chat conversation
  • You can modify the language of WhatsApp according to your mother tongue and your need.
  • And other features.

WhatsApp account you can also connect to your PC and can synchronize your chats to operate from PC.

There is an option in WhatsApp first right button WhatsApp for the web which enables you to scan the QR code and synchronize with PC.

This cross platform app is the final and best features I would say for professional and working people.

You can also delete your account in future and create all new account with your phone number.

Now you have come across all the process to download and install WhatsApp messenger and then creating the account for exploring social media experience. Moreover, Freelancing Websites Company nowadays is using the method of web 2.o marketing techniques and also WhatsApp for instant sharing of messages, offer and other changes in the industry or their business corporation. The use of end-t-end quick texting app and its popularity makes professional business news viral in a minute and can share to masses regardless of national, international boundaries. The fast technological world and changing the era of marketing makes it more reliable to choose WhatsApp as most and best platform for promotion and awareness of product and services. Moreover, some third party company also hiring freelance services which help them to entrust the digital marketing procedure and other marketing campaign helps them in present their product to consumer and prospective customer. The modern era of using digital gadgets and services has change and continuously making it more ease and compatible with several devices. So choose your best freelance services if you need any or want to submit your project to freelancer websites.