Even though programmers are considered as nerds, yet programmers take pride in their skill set and like to show off to the world that they belong to an elite class of human beings. In spite of the nerd status, it is a fact that most of the people respect the programmers deep down as it is the matter of grey matter that not many can do efficiently. To show yourself belonging to the programmer community, you need to wear the trends programming T-shirts. With the year coming to an end, the following is the list of the top 10 best programming t-shirts in 2019 that will make you get noticed in public.

  1. Educating People In A Funny Way

There are a lot of people who think that the job of an engineer is to repair things. Therefore, they think that a computer engineer should repair the computer rather than programming innovative stuff. Therefore, it is a message to them to understand that the job of the programmer is to code and not fixing computers. Therefore, they will not expect their neighbor programmer to fix their computer when it misbehaves.


  1. If You Can Dare

If you are brave enough to wear those T-shirts that have messages for the adults, this is the perfect one for you. You will catch everyone’s attention at once, and the one-liner is surely going to put a smile in the face of the reader. Therefore, the ball is in your court whether you are daring enough to put it on and work.


  1. Word Play

Word Play based labels on the T-shirts are the most selling ones because it shows how your sense of humor is. This label is for those who know that C# is pronounced as C-sharp or ‘see-sharp’. Therefore, it is a dig at the C# developers from Java developers. Moreover, the design is cool and trendy, and you will instantly like it.


  1. Impressing Girls

Those who have a slight knowledge of computer and programming, they know that HTML is incomplete without CSS in the web development. This label is basically to impress the girls saying that your life is incomplete without her. It is surely going to impress your crush, and even boyfriends wear it for their girlfriends.


  1. Programmers Will Be Programmers

The most important asset for a programmer is his codes. Therefore, a sudden power crisis always makes a programmer freak out the most if the code is not saved. In case of emergency, it is, therefore, advisable in a funny way that they should commit and push Git which means save the work in GitHub before exiting the building and to hell the rest. This is how nerds the mentality of the programmers are, and it is hilarious.


  1. Son Of A Glitch

We all know there is a common slang related to ‘son of a glitch’ which is used to describe someone disrespectfully as well as respectfully depending on the scenario. Therefore, by putting this one on, you are showing off that you that you are a tough guy with high skills. At the same time, you are hitting back at the hater. Therefore, the T-shirt is perfect for a programmer to showcase his intelligence.


  1. For Your Haters

If you are going to reply back to your haters in a silent way, you just need to put on this T-shirt and face them. They will get the meaning because everyone what CTRL+ALT+DEL does in a computer. It is really innovative especially if you let words do all the talking for you.


  1. Summing Up Life

For a passionate programmer, life is all about coding for innovative products and drinking coffee to clear the head off when they get tired. This is also why they are referred to as nerds, but it is a badge of honor you can put on proudly.



  1. Show Off Your Skill Set

If you have mastered multiple programming languages and you can code any program in any of those programming languages, you can show it off in your friend circle with this T-shirt. You are literally putting out the fact that you can code of the leading programming languages as printed on the T-shirt and it has the funny yet clichéd gaming intro.


  1. Programmer Ninja

The word Ninja has got extremely popular as it means someone who is exceptionally skilled in his field. Therefore, you will see people using the word on social media and even wearing T-shirts with Ninja word based labels. Therefore, Programmer Ninja label T-shirt is a must-have to show off.



Go ahead and search the internet to find out more of these programming T-shirts on different online e-commerce platforms. We have listed some reference websites for you to check out to get the ones we have listed above.