Giving a gift to a programmer differs a lot from giving it to any regular person. Programmers are hard to make happy unless you give them the gifts that relevancy and significance in their lives. It may not be super expensive, but it sure needs to be creative enough while choosing the gift. If you have a programmer in your family, relative, or friend circle, and you cannot make up your mind the gift to give them in occasions like Christmas, birthday, and likewise, the following list of top gifts ideas for coders will help you a lot.

Top Gift Ideas for Coders –

A Fitness Band –

We all know that the coders have to sit for hours continuously and it is not good for health. A fitness band can give them timely reminders when they are sitting for too long. It reminds them to take a break and walk around a bit. Moreover, they can keep track of their heart rate, sleep quality, steps and calories burnt. Furthermore, they can get notifications on the band from various apps when they keep their smartphone silent during work. It is a perfect gift item that is tailor-made for programmers.

Amazon Echo –

Programmers are tech-savvy people, and they loved tech gifts more than anything else. If the coder you know does not have any home assistant, Amazon Echo is a perfect gift. It can sync with any and all smart devices in his/her home starting from lights, music system to the smart robotic vacuum cleaner. Besides, it will give him or her updates from online as per settings and help manage day’s work and others with the help of the voice signature. It is trendy and will make your programmer guy/girl extremely happy.

Quirky T-Shirt –

If you are having a slightly low budget, there are quirky T-shirts available for coders. If you can know the programming language the person love the most, you can buy a T-shirt with quotes related to that programming language. Besides, there are general coders T-shirts available with witty one-liners that every programmer loves to wear and show off.

Trendy Headphone –

The programmers like to be plugged in all the time which means they want to listen to music when they are coding so that the outside noise does not distract their concentration. Therefore, a quality headphone can be a great gifting product. It is better to opt for either the gaming headphones which are of the best quality or better yet a wireless headphone. Make sure it looks cool and is from a known brand to impress the coder exceedingly.

Nintendo Switch –

Even though programmers are not avid gamers, they have some fascination about gaming. Since games distract people a lot by engaging them continuously, most of the programmers take breaks in between and relax their minds by playing games on their smartphone. But we all can agree that playing games in a smartphone is stressful and does not feel great by any means. However, a Nintendo Switch can enhance the gaming experience on a smartphone as it sits on either side of the smartphone and the programmer can play the game as if he/she is playing on a gaming console. It is one of the most innovative gifting ideas that will pleasantly surprise your coder guy/girl.

Bluetooth Speaker –

If the coder you want to gift an item already has a great headphone, you can gift him/her a powerful Bluetooth speaker. Putting on a headphone is not good and it is exhausting for the ears. However, coding in a room where the coder can play soothing music can be a brilliant idea. Therefore, a Bluetooth speaker is a thoughtful gifting idea and the coder is sure to appreciate that. He/she can even control the device with the home assistant device like Amazon Alexa or Google Home.

VR Set –

If the coder has a flagship smartphone, among the latest sensation, you can choose to give him/her a VR headset. With the help of the VR headset, he/she can relax during the small breaks he/she takes in between coding. There are lots of possibilities possible with VR headset and it is one of the most-sought-after gadgets of the year. Every coder love to have the latest gadgets in his/her possession.

Programmable Drone/Bot –

Among all the gifts, a coder loves those gifts which he/she can modify to do something they want. A programmable drone or a bot sits well with this idea. The drones are the hottest things in the current scenario and a programmable bot opens up so many possibilities for the programmer to try out. If your budget is high enough, you can go for it.

Apart from these, you can opt for quirky coffee mugs with quotes from coders or gadget designs, subscription to various paid services, different creative items to keep on the desk and likewise.

Kitty Gupta