If you have a product-based business and you want to take your business up online, you may need to take the help of WooCommerce. Most of the online stores are made in WordPress, and for online transactions, WordPress has WooCommerce. There are thousands of extensions and plugins available for WooCommerce integration. The following is the list of the top WooCommerce Plugins in 2019.

YITH WooCommerece Zoom Magnifier –

There are many times when you have used this plugin’s service in different ecommerce stores. This plugin lets you zoom product images, and you can see every detail. There are multiple plugins available for the same, but this one stands out. Among the various features, it shows product images bigger when you move the mouse over, and the zoom area can be customized. Besides, you can add a slider containing images in the form of thumbnails. The slider behavior is also customizable.

YITH WooCommerce Ajax Product Filter –

Having various useful filters is what makes an ecommerce store stand out. This is the WooCommerce plugin that lets you add various types of filters to make your store customer-friendly. Your potential customers can find products in their budget and as per their requirements. This is sure to increase the sales and revenue and make your potential customers to repeat customers.

WooCommerce Customizer –

It is one of the most useful WooCommerce plugins, and it lets you customize items like buttons, labels, texts, and much more. Therefore, there is no need for knowing PHP code to edit these filters anymore. You can do all such things just by adjusting things from the settings page. You can design your store as well as edit it as per your requirement. It is a great tool to experiment and find what is working for you.

WooCommerece Products Slider –

You can create beautiful product sliders with this particular plugin, and a WooCommerece store is incomplete without it. It adds to the beauty of the store and makes it extremely modern and eye-catching. There are various customization options available to suit the décor your website.

WooCommerce Multilingual –

If your targeted customers are local, you may have to translate the content of your website to a local language. As a matter of fact, there are more non-English WordPress websites than English websites. Therefore, there are more WooCommerce stores in languages that are not in English. WooCommerce Multilingual is, therefore, a must for your store. It translates your product descriptions and pages in the available languages. The targeted customers translate the website in their preferred language. This will increase lead generation and drive more sales.

Metrilo WooCommerce Analytics, CRM, and Email Automation –

The analytics are extremely important for any online business as they help to take proper decision for the growth of the business. The plugin tracks all the transactions and action on the sites by the people, and it displays traffic, sales, various other reports in the most fluid way. Not just that, it helps to understand the customers better and serve them accordingly. Besides, there is email automation and product correlations, customer segmentation, retention analysis and much more.

Beeketing for WooCommerce –

This is all in one package for all marketing and sales solutions. It is a perfect marketing automation suite for online business owners. It helps to create email coupons popups, put up exit-intent popups, upsell as well as cross-sell products based on customers’ interactions. Moreover, it has quick view popups, and you can generate personalized product recommendation sliders.

But that is not all, you can show countdown timer for different offers, display discount code, live sales and much more. Besides, there are social proof widgets, Facebook live chat widget, and the list can go on. There is no doubt it is one of the must-have WooCommerce plugins in 2019. In fact, it has to potential to drive your sales to the next level.

Miscellaneous –

WooCommerce Menu Cart – This plugin adds a cart button in the navigation bar, and you can choose the floating position and do various customizations.

WooCommerce Direct Checkout – It simplifies the checkout process, and it can make your website customer-friendly. You must include it to meet your sales and revenue targets.

Moreover, WooCommerce currency switcher, YITH infinite scrolling, and WooCommerce PDF invoices are some of the other top WooCommerce plugins to opt for in 2019.

Kitty Gupta