WordPress is the most popular CMS on the internet, and it is the third most-used technology for web development. The popularity of WordPress is based on its simplistic use and customization. WordPress customization refers to almost all the elements starting from theme customization to CSS and JavaScript. WordPress customization also means setting up a custom home page for your website. You can also customize some of the plugins especially the free one. Not just that, the widget location and grid are also customizable.

Theme Customization – A theme is a basic template for a website and WordPress has unlimited free and premium themes and templates. However, there are always some unique requirements for which the ready-made theme may not fit. In that case, you can choose the nearby theme and customize it as per your requirement by coding. Obviously, the source code has to be available which is almost all the time available. In general, companies and individuals outsource the work to the WordPress developers after selecting the themes and give them the requirements to implement through coding.

Plugins Customization – While themes are concerned with the designing part, the plugins are responsible for the functionalities. There are plugins available for all functionalities, but there are always some adjustments to be made to perfect them and make them as per requirement. However, not all plugins available for modification and therefore, it is considered better to copy the code and make a new plugin altogether.

CSS Customization – CSS customization does come under theme customization. But apart from the theme, the overall website structure comes under CSS customization. When creating enterprise level websites, CSS customization is a must as the requirement is quite specific. It falls under WordPress core customization. In fact, there are times when you have to do core customization which is not recommended as it can open backdoors. It is also risky as and when the update of WordPress comes, you have to be careful otherwise all the changes will be lost.

Custom Home Page – The home page of a website is the most important page, and it comes under theme customization. However, it is kept separately because it has almost because necessary for almost all website. When you are using a particular theme, the same theme is surely used for so many others. Therefore, to stand out in the crowd, you have to customize in various aspects to give a unique look. This is important as every brand must have its own look and feel that does not represent someone else.

Menu and Widgets Customization – The sidebars and widgets and their areas are almost all the time customized as per the website requirement. They are rather easy to edit as most of the works are CSS and JavaScript. There are also elements like navigation menu, drop-down menu items and likewise.

Apart from these, you can always customize the fonts and different segments as per your requirement. This also includes the header, footer as well as the background.

Kitty Gupta