Technology is the theme of the world, and it is important for everyone to keep track of the latest happenings and detailed insights. Podcasts are a great source of news and detailed information. They are increasingly becoming popular, and there is no shortage of great tech podcasts to listen to. It is especially useful for teenagers and college-goers who deal with technology and build their career around it. The following is the list of the top 10 best tech podcasts you need to listen to enrich your knowledge and stay updated on all the happening in the tech world.

1. TEDTalks Technology-

TED Talks are the best podcasts you can find when you talk about getting detailed information about anything in an easy to understand way. The TED Talkers are extremely knowledgeable and know how to put forward the information for everyone to understand. Therefore, in this podcast station, you can find inventors, researchers, and tech experts giving a detailed explanation on the latest technologies and innovations in a lucid way. You can find them on iTunes, PlayerFM and likewise.

2. Analog(ue)

This is a very useful and widely popular tech podcast challenge having a wide range of podcasts on various devices and technologies. The main focus of the channel is the impact of the technologies and devices on human life. Therefore, you understand things better and understand the applications of the latest happenings. It is a unique podcast that you must follow on iTunes and even integrate with your iWatch.

3. Rocket

If you are looking for female hosts in the tech space, this is the podcast for you. There are three expert female hosts talking about all the latest developments in the tech world. There is no price for guessing that it is one of the most followed podcasts on the list. The team of speakers has a wide variety, and they also talk about video games, comics, movies to spice up the podcast.

4. Clockwise

It is more of a debate podcast which is what makes it so great. There are two hosts holding round-table discussions, and they talk about all the things that come under technology starting from devices to digital services. The only drawback is that the podcast has time limitations which have been added to make it more interesting.

5. Accidental Tech –

If you are a geek having knowledge of programming, this is the one for you. The hosts are developers and they discussion the technical sides in details. The conversations have the in-depth feel and they analysis in the best possible way. The mood of talking is very jolly and relatable without feeling bored.

6. TechStuff

As the name suggests, this podcast is all about the latest happenings in the tech world. Most of them are in news format, and there are detailed reporting and analysis. It is available daily from Monday to Friday, and it is available PlayerFM, iTunes, GooglePlay and likewise.

7. TheVergecast

It is one of the longest running podcasts and also one of the most followers. There are various reputable guests appear on the podcast to share their take on the industry and trends. The focus is on the latest tech news and current affairs as well as on the gadgets and future trends. The podcast also takes initiative to educate its audiences in a lucid way so that they can relate. Go over to iTunes, Spotify and Player FM for the same.

8. The Future Of Everything

It is a weekly podcast from the reliable Wall Street Journal Board, and it talks about tech as well as the happenings in the science world. You can get an idea of the emerging trends and how they can transform lives and businesses. It is available on iTunes and Stitcher.

9. The Week In Google

Just like Apple, Google is the most followed tech company in the world. Google is known to be the leader in the innovation space in the tech world. There are so many updates and developments coming out of Google. Therefore, in the podcast, you will hear discussion on news, devices, technologies, competition, controversies and much more.

10. The Talk Show

If you are only interested in Apple products and the latest developments, this is the one for you. The lead speaker of the podcast is John Gruber who is considered to be a popular tech expert. Apart from information, you get interesting insight stories about the company, its products and likewise. If you are an Android lover, you should stay away. There are many guests who appear in the podcast which brings a lot of variety to the listeners.

You can find all these Podcasts on iTunes and GooglePlay app on Android. Apart from these, there are many podcast platform apps available where you can get them starting from Overcast, Google Podcasts, Spotify and likewise.

Kitty Gupta