The difference between a logo and a mascot is the same as the difference as in necessity and luxury. The fundamental difference is the same as in purpose and feel. While the logo is a necessity, a mascot is a luxury. The logo serves a purpose for a company as it defines the identity of the company. The mascot gives a relatable feel and expands the brand identity further. A logo represents the business to a greater extent. On the other hand, a mascot represents the value, culture and the people in the business. Let us understand the differences between a mascot and a logo from a business perspective.

Logo – By general definition, a logo is a graphical symbol to enhance public recognition. In short, it represents the brand or business to the customers. It is like a stamp, and it increases brand visibility and awareness. A company needs professional help of a graphic designer for designing a logo. While designing a logo, a lot of factors are taken into consideration starting from brand colors, business types, niche, the message to portray through the logo and likewise.

Benefits of Logo –

It gives the first impression to anyone who comes across the company. The projects the professional image and defines the brand. Basically, it gives your business an identity. You can build your brand around it and prosper. Thanks to a logo, there will be uniformity across the media platforms and products. Moreover, it makes the brand memorable and recalling is going to be easy.

Mascot – By general definition, a mascot is a figure or a thing that brings good luck. In short, mascot communicates the value and culture to the customers. As a matter of fact, it can make the logo look better as it is likely to have the same color as the logo and that of the brand. It definitely helps the businesses to establish a personal connection with the customers which increases the trust value in the brand. For designing a mascot, instead of a graphic designer, one needs an artist who can be extremely creative to come up with an innovative mascot with lots of meaning into it.

Benefits Of Mascot –

The mascot is for marketing while a logo is for identity. A mascot helps the business to stand out which the logo cannot do to a greater extent. Besides, it helps to accumulate fans and loyal customers in the brand. Where it is difficult to penetrate with normal marketing strategy, the mascot can do it easily. It also helps to create a positive brand image, and you can promote in all local events to reach out to the different levels of the society.

In the eyes of the potential customers, a mascot is way more beautiful than a logo. That is why you will find people taking pictures with the mascot and posting on social media. That is why the reach of the company increases organically as it becomes a trend to post with the mascot and thereby, visiting the store.