Graphic designing as a career option is increasingly becoming popular. This is because there are loads of money to be made with the creativity of skilled designers. Most of the graphic designers are very passionate about what they do, and the profession needs substantial creativity and innovativeness. If you are willing to take up the career of graphic designing because you think you find pleasure in it, you should know about the countries that are leading with the best graphics designers in the world.

The listing has been done on the basis of the presence of dedicated graphics designing companies. Most of the companies are European as those countries have the biggest demand for graphic designing works and therefore, the companies are based out of such countries. As a matter of fact, these countries have more number of colleges in designing and arts to produce qualified graphic designers.

1. USA –

There is no surprise that USA has the best graphic designers. This is because it is the most technologically advanced country as far as computer companies go. Therefore, there is always huge demand for graphic designers in companies. The salaries offered are outstanding and at times, better than those of programmers. Hence, the graphic designers from all over world crowd out USA for jobs. There are so many different colleges and institutes available in USA to produce professional and qualified graphic designers. Therefore, if you want to make a career in graphic designing, make a trip to USA. Besides, if you are looking for quality graphic designers or logo design, you know where to find them.

2. UK –

Closely following USA, UK is the second best place to find the best graphic designers. There is no dearth of educational institutions in this country for graphic designers. They produce so many quality graphic designers who are creating trends in the world. The University of the Arts London is the most popular place to get qualification. On top of that, there are computer companies all around to get high-paying jobs and therefore, quality graphic designers move to the UK for jobs. You are likely to find more freelance graphic designers on any platform.

3. Italy –

Italy is probably the house of the most creative people for a long time. The architectures in the country built during the ancient days show that graphic designing is in their blood. Therefore, you will find more and more Italian take up graphic designing as their professions. However, due to higher pay, they move to countries like UK and USA. There are more educational institutes in the country than any.

4. Finland –

Finland manages to produce quality graphic designers, and they are called trendsetters in the graphic designing world. The University of Aalto in Finland is extremely popular. There are so many quality freelancer graphic designers available online to get your job done perfectly and make your company noticeable.

5. Spain –

Just like Italy, Spain is known for its ancient architectures, and there are modern marvels. Designing is running in their blood, and there are so many of them coming up. Due to language barrier, they do not make themselves available to the rest of the world. They are available in their country as well as in some selected freelance platforms.

Apart from these top 5 countries, you can spot the best graphic designers in Sweden, Netherlands, Russia, Germany, and Denmark.

Kitty Gupta