A graphic designer created the concept of visuals by using or handling computer software to communicate ideas that are inspired, informed or captivate the consumers. They develop an overall layout and design of production for brochures, magazines, advertisements and corporate reports. The profession combines the art and technology to communicate ideas via images, printed pages and layout of websites. The professionals of this field use a variety of design elements to achieve some decorative or artistic effects.

The professionals well work on both images and text. They often choose a type, size, and line length of headlines, font, color, text, and headlines. A graphic designer decides on how text and image will go together in a web page or print includes how much space will have each page. When using the text in layout, graphic designer closely collaborates with writers, who choose word put into lists, tables or paragraphs. Though the use of text, color, and images, can use statistical data transformed into visual graphics, which makes difficult ideas much accessible.

A graphic designer is so important in sales and marketing the products and its crucial component of logos and brochures. Therefore, this profession is also referred as a communication designer or graphic artist, they often closely work with people in promotions and advertising, marketing and public relations. Designers are frequently specialized in particular type or category of client. A freelance services need to keep update with the latest computer technology and software to remain competitive.

Job role of a graphic designer:

Graphic designers are employed in several different industries, which need a necessary simulation of visual designs. They work in advertising companies or entertainment, web design or other fields. A graphic designer fortunate’s as they are working free with own ingenuity and creativity in coming up ideas and producing visually appealed products.

The graphic designer works with multitude tools including drafting tables, computer program, specialty paper and the large assortment of various pencils and pens. The Freelance tips trains or builds them able to work creatively while making different ideas fitted with images that company as they work to project. They work in different department of companies like production or marketing, but usually, they work as team members with the same title. Graphic designer reported to director or supervisor of the department so the marketing director will be an example of the boss. They frequently work inside office or boardroom.

Average national salary for Graphic designer:

According to the BLS (Bureau of Labor Statistics), graphic designer earns an average salary of $23.43 per hour and the average wages of $48,730 per year since 2012. Half of the graphic designers are working in U.S. were reportedly gaining a salary range between $33,550 and $59,390 per year. The highest paid salary reported more than ten percent of $77,490 per year.

Graphic designer reported pay by experience with less than 3 years in the industry range between $37,250 and $53,000 as per year. According to the year of 2013, starting salary of graphic designer was survey published by the group of creative. Those who have more than three years experience, it was reported that their wages range from $48,750 to $68,000. A graphic designer with more than five years earns from $61,000 to $83,250 per year.

Entry level salary by different location:

According to the group of creative, starting salary for the occupation of creative may considerably vary according to the countries they work. Many cities have a starting salary of one hundred and twenty-five percentage of the national higher or average like Oakland, California, Los Angles, Tyson Corner, Mass and Paramus. Graphic designer in New York, San Francisco, San Jose and Long Island starts with average wages in between 131 and 141 percentage of the US. Cities offer entry level salary of eighty percentage of the national below or average including Duluth, Minn, Youngstown, Lincoln, Neb, Sioux City, EI Paso, Texas and Ohio.

As the channel for increasing marketing, so does a designer makes an opportunity as a graphic design with a number of specialties under the same umbrella then the salary is twice or thrice than expected. A designer is specialized in specific design type and they can earn different wages rather than general graphic designer. An interactive designer is one who acts as a medium of understanding for both interaction and visual design and also have more production of technical knowledge rather than general graphic designer. According to the group of creative, they earned average salary of $48,000 since 2012. Those who have specialized in web design with 1-year experience can begin their career with the annual salary of $50, 250. Flash designer with 1-year experience can earn annual salary of $50,750.

In addition to the medium of design, the location of design organization may affect the overall earnings. For example, a graphic designer in California typically earns wages of 27 percent more than the national average according to the group of creative since 2012. In New York, it fares better than commanding salary; they earn 35 percent greater than average. But they cannot say as the same salary for those in Ohio, Dayton, where the wages are 13 percentages lesser than the national average.

First-year salary for graphic designer:

According to the U.S. BLS (Bureau of Labor Statistics), graphic designer earns an average salary of $49,000 per year since 2011. This figure was reflected salary of all designers regarding experience. Starting salary for a graphic designer with 1-year experience typically earns annual income of $36,500 since 2012. The group of creative and national recruiter for design, marketing and design talent gives freelance services or even class project that may qualify the individuals with one year experience.

Graphic design job in design of computer system and specialized design organizations are rapidly moving towards growth while publishing industry shall lose their graphic design jobs. Many American will like to work in that occupation, the BLS expects to hire Freelance tips trained specialists for graphic designer that will seriously face competition for the available jobs all across the globe all throughout the decades.


In general, graphic designer is not expected to experience job growth 13 percent from 2012 to 2020 according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. This is proportionate to projected growth of job for all U.S. occupation in which earned 14 percent. Those specialized in certain design types like web design or interactive design, it can expect more opportunities. In fact, growth of employment in that area can expect to be reached as a 61 percentage by the year of 2020. The BLC may expect growth rate in that occupation to occur at the average percentage of thirteen via 2020.




Kitty Gupta