Graphic designing is a very satisfying job as most of the graphic designers are passionate about designing creative and appealing items. But just like any other job, there is a lot of pressure associated. In fact, the pressure is more in some cases as a graphic designer has to impress so many people and entertain suggestions and changes coming from everyone. In such a pressure cooker situation, it is time for them to laugh out loud with the following relatable memes and jokes.

1. The Nightmare

It is always a dream come true scenario for graphic designers when their work is approved at the very first attempt. But the moment, the client or employer says there are changes required, the designers damn well knows that he has to literally redesign the entire project. The fact is that their initial statements such as I like it or love it, are just exaggeration.

2. Difficult TO Satisfy

The job of a graphic designer is basically design something that can satisfy everyone. We all know that it is difficult to satisfy everyone no matter what it is. Therefore, the moment the client says that the design is not perfect and it is missing an X-factor without mentioning what that X-factor is, the designers feel like exploding and quitting the job.

3. Date With A Twist

The life story of a graphic designer is similar to that of computer programmers. So when they talk about date, you should know in the back of your head that they are talking about updates of their graphic designing software applications. Even though they deal with a lot of people every day and that they are creative, but they do not get the credit for their creativity that much as they should and therefore, fail to impress girls around.

4. Reaction Of A Graphic Designer

Graphic designing is probably the toughest job as one has to satisfy everyone and then entertain so many changes to the point you are on the verge of anxiety and stress. It is not something that one lands on when there is nothing to do. One has to be extremely creative and innovative to come up with extremely appealing designing according to the standard.

5. Life Of A Graphic Designer

Graphic designing is considered to be a cool profession with enough money. However, the belief systems of different people are different and they can be far from the truth. Friends think you work for little hours and party the other time, your parents think you are a painter, what you thought that you will have a clear and creative studio for working, your clients think you are not putting enough effort. But in reality, you pull your hair off to come up with creative ideas for designing.

6. The Shitty Client

Most of the clients do not have any idea about graphic designing. They just throw the arrow in the dark hoping it hits the target. They live in their own worlds and have different belief systems that never resonate with the reality. Therefore, when they say something technical, the graphic designer on the other side cannot help but laugh out loud.

Hope you liked and loved the memes and jokes we shared exclusively for the graphic designers. Stay tuned for more and do share among your colleagues.