Digital marketing is the success factor for any business in this digitized world. Therefore, there is always a high demand for quality and experienced digital marketers. However, digital marketing is not piece of cake and there is no sure-shot rule to be successful through digital marketing. The digital marketers are always under constant pressure from the company as the success of the company in the online world depends on them. Under this intense pressure and constant reminder of meeting targets, the following jokes will be the much-needed relief in their lives.

1. Reaching The Ultimate Goal –

The ultimate goal of digital marketing is to reach the first page of Google search result for certain keywords relevant for the business. While it is a remarkable target to achieve, everyone knows that there are a lot of grey hat techniques used to actually reach there. Reaching the first page is almost impossible organically and therefore, everyone wants to know from where you buy the paid links and various such parameters to boost the ranking.

2. Google Page 2 Joke

As stated earlier, unless you get on the first page of Google search engine result page, nobody will give a shit to your website. Even if you make it on the second page of the results, it is as good as being on the last page. In fact, it is said that page 2 of Google search result is a great place for the murderers to hide the dead body because nobody ever checks that out.

3. The Unrealistic Client

Even the digital marketers do not know which campaign will be successful and how long it will take to the successful to boost the rank on search engine result pages. Similarly, it is difficult to predict how the campaigns will perform and the time frame when the result will start coming in favor. However, the clients who are ignorant about digital marketing, they want the result immediately no matter what. The lives of digital marketers become hell when they work with such clients.

4. Life Of A Digital Marketer –

Well, the friends of a digital marketer think that the job of digital marketing is absolutely easy money. They must be having so much time to enjoy their lives unlike software engineer. On the other hand, the parents think that digital marketers are web developers and the clients think that digital marketers are always on social media understanding trends for better marketing. The society thinks that you are earning a lot of money and you can do work from anywhere in the world. What you really do is beyond your own imagination.

5. Narrow Chance

Digital marketing in today’s world is very difficult to succeed because there is only a narrow path available to reach the pinnacle. Unless you reach the pinnacle, there is no point in investing on digital marketing and to reach the pinnacle, you have to locate the narrow path first. This narrow path is not fixed and it keeps changing for everyone. Therefore, the job of the digital marketers is based on probability.

Conclusion –

Hope you found the jokes and memes relatable and do share them with your colleagues so that you can have a gala time laughing out loud together.

Kitty Gupta