Graphic Designing is a very popular profession and there are loads of creative students taking up the course to earn a living out of their passion. The pay of the graphic designers is quite high and it can be as good as a software engineer. In order to ensure your landing in the dream graphic designing company, you have to get into the top graphic design schools in the world. Once you get in, your life is almost set. The following is the list of the top 10 best graphic design schools in the world.

1. Stanford University

Stanford is one of the reputed universities in the world. The University at San Francisco in the USA is also known for its way-changing course in art and design. Stanford has some serious tie-ups with Silicon Valley’s innovative companies. They do not offer any direct undergraduate course on Graphic Designing. However, the art and history program come up with the classes on exploring art by using digital tools. Even, this university has creative design classes, especially for Stanford students. The course comes with the annual tuition fee of $49,896.

2. Rhode Island School of Design

Being one of the most prestigious design schools in the USA, this designing school at Providence is famous for its fine arts programme. Approximately, 165 students enrolled in the graphic design undergraduate course of this school every year. The lucky students who get the admission enjoy the countless visitors to their extensive art museum and year-long rotating exhibition. This BFA degree course comes with the annual tuition fees of $48210.

3. University of the Arts London

The University of London is considered to be of one of the most popular schools in this category. They have around 18000 students from over 130 countries with six different colleges. UAL focuses on the functional aspects of art. Even, they include their strategic partners to get support for the proper employment for their graduates. Many of their alumni members have been nominated and won the prestigious Turner Prize. The annual tuition fees for this BFA degree course are $11,932 and $23,116.

4. School of the Art Institute of Chicago

With a spectacular alumni list, this art institute is famous for having the entrepreneurial genius Walt Disney, bestselling author David Sedaris as their alumni brilliants. Located in Chicago, USA, this institute is well-known as the top choice among the design students. They focus on developing the critical and analytical skills of the students with effective prospectuses to produce employable graduates. The annual tuition fee for the BFA degree is $46,560.

5. Parsons School of Design (The New School)

This ‘’Project Runway ‘’-famous art school has over 100 years of experience in teaching and guiding students on fine arts. This designing school of New York City, USA offers practical-based collaborative learning. The institute is well-known for its Communication Design Programme. Parsons School of designing is responsible for producing most of the iconic designers, including Harper’s Bazaar art director Bea Feitler and advertising legend Paul Rand. The annual tuition fee for this course is $46,820.

6. Aalto University

With its only eight years of teaching and guiding experience, this university of Finland raises its fame by its effective ways of teaching. They are famous for their course on design programme combined with the elements of arts, philosophy, and innovation. The professors of this university talk about the cultural, political context of designs along with the visual aspects. EU or EEA citizens can study at Aalto University for free. They offer the graphic designing course only in Finnish. The annual tuition fee for this BFA course is $17,538.

7. Politecnico Di Milano

Situated in Milan, Italy, this institute has seven campuses in and around the city center.  Politecnico Di Milano is one of the most popular and Government supported colleges in Italy. However, they come with the most reasonable tuition fees as a Govt. supported institute. The communication design programme of this institute is the same as the graphic designing course. This technical school offers a Bachelor’s degree in science not in fine arts. They teach all the classes in Italian, and this course costs $4,543.

8. Pratt Institute

This institute from New York, USA offers Major in Communication designs. They allow the children to choose from three specific areas focused on advertising, illustration and graphic design. The BFA course comes with the annual tuition fees of $47,986.

9. Massachusetts Institute of Technology

MIT from, Cambridge, USA is famous for its engineering courses. Apart from that, this technological institute comes with best in class art programmes in the world. By collaborating their technical excellence with art, they have introduced a design programme for passionate designing students. With a very acceptable rate of 8.3% and pocket-friendly admission fees, MIT even offers merit-based scholarships for the naturally-talented students. The annual tuition fee for this BFA course is $49,580.

10. Royal College of Art

This college of London, UK offers postgraduate programmes for the people who want to take their careers to the next level. They come with an active visual communication programme including graphic designing. With hands-on workshops and working with professional designers help the students to learn field-oriented designing. The annual tuition fees are $15,930 and $42,308 for non-EU students.

Your parents should plan your education from early on and if you are creative and attracted towards graphic designing, try to get into one of these best graphic design schools to make your future the brightest.

Kitty Gupta