Website owners are migrating from traditional web hosting to cloud hosting because of the various benefits it has to offer. It is hosting your applications among a network of virtual servers. Technically speaking, the resources to run your application are spread out among multiple remote servers. Therefore, it can scale up and down depending on the instant requirements. The load on a single physical server as in the traditional hosting is spread out or distributed in multiple servers which are referred to as virtual servers.

Therefore, the overall costing is less, and the subscription models differ. It is available 24×7 without any disruption as there is no dependency on a single server. There are a lot of flexibilities available, and security and collaboration are enhanced. Most importantly, it is easily manageable and highly functional. The following is the list of the best cloud hosting services in 2019.

1. Amazon Web Services(AWS)

It is considered to be a pioneer in the cloud hosting service, and it is still the most popular and preferred cloud hosting service available. It is the leading Infrastructure-as-a Service provider, and you can use their service for computing, storage, content delivery, database as well as networking works. You will have full control with greater security measures, and you can monitor your site activities and get stats for further improvement.

AWS is popular because it is almost the first company to offer so much of features and benefits in cloud hosting. In fact, it is still the company to offer the users more options. They have solutions for all your needs and requirements. The pricing is slightly expensive as it is so popular. However, the services are top-notch and totally worth the money you pay. They are also providing IoT services and introduced AI technology.

2. Cloudways

There are many who consider Cloudways as the best cloud hosting provider. The reason is that its plans and subscription models are highly affordable and the functionalities are unmatched. They have could-based managed WordPress hosting which is where they have a major market share. You can create WordPress web apps easily and integrate with other apps. Their platform-as-a-service is the most popular. The infrastructure is optimized for speed, performance, and security.

As a matter of fact, Cloudways works with four different cloud service providers namely AWS, Google Compute Engine, Digital Ocean and Vultr of all which are its competitors. You can configure your virtual servers as per your requirements, and therefore, you will have full control. This is fully user-friendly and powerful. The fact that it is fully and highly configurable and this is what is liked by the most. It is considered in the industry as the middle line between too simple service providers and too complex enterprise-level technology.

3. Digital Ocean

Digital Ocean is one of the most popular cloud hosting service providers in 2019 for sure. It has risen to its popularity quite sooner, and this is due to its robust service and powerful performance. Starting from beginners to enterprise-level could hosting solutions, everything is available and flexible. It is also popular for its simplicity, and you can spend more time on your business rather than on configuration and the aftermath. The scalability is also top-notch, and it is extremely user-friendly.

There are various types of plans available and the download time is negligible, and the community is large enough. Apart from that, the customer support team is extremely helpful for beginners or buyers as a whole. The pricing is also transparent, and they have centers across the world namely the 8 internet giant countries.

Honorable Mentions –

Hostgator is known to be the most affordable web host, and now it has come up with cloud service to catch up with the trend. Hostgator Cloud offers highly flexible services and tools. There are various types of price options available to choose from, and the customer support team is also quite robust. It is a great option for beginners especially for WordPress hosting, and the security measures are quite impressive. Apart from that, Bluehost Cloud is quite credible, and you can add the name of Vultr to that. It is better for you to go through each one of them and check out which one is better for you. If there is a trial version available, go for it. Otherwise, consult the customer support and clarify all your doubts before subscribing to their plan or model.

Kitty Gupta