Zapier and MuleSoft are cloud data integration platform, and out of the two, Zapier is more popular. However, MuleSoft is growing slowly, and the features it has to offer are to be held responsible for the same. Zapier is a complete automation tool for businesses. It triggers events in the same app or other apps based on certain events. On the other hand, MuleSoft is an integration platform whereby you can connect any application and API. Zapier is already an established player while MuleSoft is an emerging player. If you compare the number of clients, MuleSoft has 10% of the total customer Zapier has.

Difference Between Zapier and MuleSoft –

Reach – MuleSoft is popular among certain large companies, but Zapier dominates in the small and medium-sized companies. MuleSoft is more popular than Zapier in communication equipment and automotive industry. Zapier dominates in internet software and services industry as well as companies who offer professional services. MuleSoft has its customer base in the United States and the United Kingdom. However, Zapier has customers from US, UK, Canada, and Australia.

Concept – The basic concept of the tools is quite different. MuleSoft works on the concept of API-led connectivity while Zapier is more into connecting apps directly and automating the workflow. Due to API-based platform, MuleSoft has more integration possibilities than Zapier.

The reason why large companies are preferring MuleSoft is due to its message routing abilities, data transformation capabilities, better service mediation and service production as well as hosting. There is no doubt that the productivity will increase with the use of both the tools. H

Striking Differences – Overall, Zapier has more features as a tool and that too at a comparatively low price. MuleSoft is not suitable for small and medium business as it is an enterprise level platform and it is designed to work with high-paying clients only. Therefore, there is no clashing of clients between the two.

In fact, there are chances of large businesses shifting from Zapier to MuleSoft in the future as the tool grows and become popular. MuleSoft needs some technically experienced person to handle it properly and preferably a Java developer. Zapier is complex in its functionalities, but with time, it is going to become easy without even technical knowledge.

Conclusion –

There is not much to compare MuleSoft with Zapier because MuleSoft is relatively new and the customer base is low. However, it does have the potential to grow big with time as it has got several popular large companies on board as customers. Therefore, small and medium companies may also follow sooner. However, Zapier is growing faster, and it is complete in all aspects and therefore, far better between the two.

Kitty Gupta