Task automation tools are getting extremely popular, and it can improve productivity and efficiency. Zapier and IFTTT are the two most popular tools in the current market scenario. The popularity is neck to neck and hence, choosing between the two can be really difficult unless you know the shuttle differences between them. In general, both of them are feature-rich and extremely useful in running a business.

The repetitive tasks can be executed with the intervention of human beings. Zapier and IFTTT tie the different applications by selecting events from one application and trigger different events from the same or other applications. They take away the cause and effect relationship out of the business. These are free to try and therefore, you will get some time to try them out before choosing one.

Zapier Pros and Cons –

Zapier lets you do over 700 business-oriented integrations, and therefore, you can connect different tools and services you are using effortlessly. The tool has an advanced search system and therefore, locating what you want is no more a problem. There is no limit on the number of apps you want to integrate. There are various filters available to trigger events and actions. The API system is extremely useful for developers as most of the companies employ developers to build a proper system for proper flow of events and information.

However, on the flip side, many complain that it is slightly harder to get a grip on all the aspects. The product is only available online through a web browser which is the biggest drawback. Even though it has an advanced and user-friendly search system, it can get confusing at times to spot the old processes. If there are too many events associated with one trigger, the action could be slightly delayed. But, the tool is suitable for business of any size. The use of multi-step zaps and useful filters help to automate tasks and make the operation of the business easy and efficient.

IFTTT Pros and Cons –

The design of the tool is clean, and therefore, it is more user-friendly to operate. On top of that, it is easy to learn, and you can access it through web browser, desktop app, and even phone app. This is the strongest point that Zapier is yet to execute. But in comparisons, it has only over 300 integrations but finding the old processes will not be difficult. There are more free options. But there are limitations on the customizations, and you can link only two more application with it which is the biggest drawback.

IFTTT is a good tool to begin with as far as automation tool goes. It is almost free to use, and that is why suitable for small businesses with limited budget. Anybody can use it with a little bit of learning and hence, it is perfect for personal use. But at the end of the day, as the business grows, you have to move to Zapier and shed some bucks to grab all the features.

Main Difference Between Zapier and IFTTT –

Zapier focuses more on the features while IFTTT focuses more on simplicity. Due to more features, Zapier is hard to grab initially, but there is no denying it Zapier is the perfect task automation tool. Even though you may love IFTTT at first, you will soon realize its limitations, and that is when you will start loving Zapier. But you are going to hate the fact that you cannot operate Zapier on mobile or desktop. Zapier team is working on developing a desktop as well as a mobile app to bury the competition it is receiving from IFTTT. While Zapier has multi-step zaps model and loads of filters, IFTTT uses IF and DO model which is simple but can crumble in many aspects.

In short, it is safe to say that Zapier is by far the better task automation tool. However, if you are getting started, you should start with IFTTT and understand all the operation easily and operate from mobile as well. As the business grows and there is a need for more integration of apps, you have to move to Zapier and do more efficient business. Zapier is what you can call sacrificing simplicity for greater usability. Even the professionals prefer Zapier over IFTTT. The reviews for both the apps are top-notch, and that is why both are extremely popular.

Kitty Gupta