The phone system for a business, especially for a startup, is extremely important. A lot of people do not prefer startups because of the lack of customer support and required service. With the advancement of technology, there are virtual phone systems available to manage all your calls online. It is perfect for small business communications that are more relevant to startups. When it comes to the virtual phone system, the name of RingCentral is the most popular followed by Dialpad and GrassHopper. Today, we have going to compare these three best business phone systems and let you decide which one is best for you.

Dialpad vs RingCentral vs Grasshopper –

Pricing – Dialpad’s pricing starts from $15 while RingCentral starts from $19.99 and lastly GrassHopper starts from $24. Overall, there is a difference of $5 in each one of them. The cheapest one being Dialpad, it always attracts the attention of the startups and the features are well balanced, and therefore, many are opting for it.  However, based on features, RingCentral is better and those startups who can afford it, they are going for it. The pricing model is monthly and only those who have certain requirements that grasshopper can fulfill, they are opting for it.

Features – The features are the least in GrassHopper, but for a company of a handful of employees, the features are enough. GrassHopper contains IVR or voice recognition system, outbound reporting, inbound reporting, and VoIP only. Coming to DialPad, all the features of GrassHopper are available. Along with those, it offers call center management, call monitoring, contact management which is very useful, predictive dialer as well as voice and data integration. Coming to RingCentral, it has all the features of GrassHopper as well as Dialpad. Apart from those, there are additional features such as auto dialer and telemarketing management.

Training Support – All these support all the different platforms starting from the cloud, Apple, Windows, iOS, and Android. The support team is available 24/7 via phone as well as online. Coming to the training part, GrassHopper only provides documentation, but Diapad is better than RingCentral here as it provides in-person training option. Apart from that, there is an arrangement for live online training, webinars for both the systems.

Best For – Dialpad is tailor-made for companies looking for the cloud-based virtual phone system. It is extremely reliable and secure. RingCentral is perfect for companies with around 1000 employees. It has all the features well-balanced. On the other hand, Grasshopper is tailor-made for startups as well as self-employed businesses. That is why it is first becoming an automatic choice among the specific type of startups. But it is only suitable for small businesses having less than 50 employees.

Integration – Integration is extremely important from a business perspective as most of the businesses use different apps for daily communication. Dialpad can be integrated with Google G-Suite, MS Office 365 and SalesForce. GrassHopper can be integrated with Skype, Google Voice, Zapier. On the other hand, RingCentral can be integrated with so many different applications starting from Zendesk, SalesForce, Dropbox, Outlook to Google and Microsoft suite.

Some of the prominent customers of Dialpad are Motorola, Eventbrite, that of GrassHopper are Collabo, GlobalMe and that of RingCentral are BMW, Deep South and much more.

Difference Between GrassHopper and DialPad –

Dialpad does not have fax support which is still relevant in today’s business communication. GrassHopper has it in all the plans. You have to upgrade to Dialpad’s pro plan to get phone support, but GrassHopper has it under all their plans. Not just that, all features are same in all plans in GrassHopper, but there are restricted features in Dialpad in the lower plans. Dialpad lets you use one number per user, but GrassHopper provides multiple number options as well as vanity number support.

Conclusion –

If you have a company of 50 or fewer employees, you should opt for Grasshopper. If you have more, it is dependent on your budget as to which one between Dialpad and RingCentral you should choose. The customer support for all of them are great, the features are well balanced. But there are more features in RingCentral than in the other two. Each one of them is value for money even though GrassHopper is slightly expensive.

Kitty Gupta