HeadSpin and Perfecto are automation tools for mobile testing. You can measure the performance of your application in different devices without having those devices. Therefore, these tools are extremely important for mobile application developers as well as QA engineers. These tools can also be used for monitoring after deployment. Perfecto is the leader is the automated testing field for mobile apps while HeadSpin is a relatively new name, but the growth rate is as good as Perfecto. Before you choose any of them from, you should have a complete idea about the products.

All You Need To Know About Perfecto –

It is applicable for both mobile as well as web apps. It is a cloud-based platform, and you can test and analysis the app to detect errors and make improvement for betterment. The platform will help immensely in optimizing the apps in its course.

Main Points –

– Perfecto runs your applications over 3000 real-time devices starting from Android and iOS devices to Blackberry, Symbian and various suck devices.

– You will have full control over the devices for certain manual testing as well. It can do simultaneous testing on multiple devices. You can make calls and send text messages if your application has such provisions.

– It has continuous testing model due to which the testing team can always keep an eye on the app’s performance and detect defects immediately and thereby improving the product for better user experience.

– It can be integrated with the leading IDEs namely Android Studio, Eclipse, IntelliJ and Visual Studio Automation. As a matter of fact, it makes the best uses of the testing frameworks namely Appium, Espresso, Selenium.

Drawbacks – There are certain drawbacks as well namely the hot functions like incoming call and text message simulation do not work in all devices, the images are indistinctive, the response time can be long, and the free version is very limited and only for an hour of usage.

There are so many enterprise-level companies using Perfecto starting from H and Ford to Citi and Pepsi for continuous testing and monitoring.

All You Need To Know About HeadSpin –

HeadSpin is considered to be the best alternative to Perfecto. It can integrate more automation and testing frameworks. There are as many as 20000 global devices from 150 locations to test your application. Apart from testing, it keeps an eye on application performance, analytics, and continuous monitoring. There is no SDK to download and install as it has plug and play model.

Functional Testing – Before making a global release, it is very important to test the application in different parts of the world and HeadSpin provides you with the platform cum devices to perform the same.

Performance Optimization – After releasing the app, it is the duty of the testing or monitoring test to watch out for the performance issues, and HeadSpin can automate the process and keep pointing out the issues for improvement and optimization.

There is also an option for cross-browser testing and OTT media services. There are major companies trusting the product starting from Ericsson and Mozilla to Verizon, TikTok and NetEase Games.

Conclusion –

The mobile automation testing tools are a must in today’s world where automation is leading the way in the testing world. They are essential for QA managers to improve the testing processes and reducing the testing time. The automation engineers are using them to optimize DevOps and make frequent releases thereby. And finally, the developers are using it to find out the fault before giving it to the testers. Therefore, the overall development and modification time gets reduced. HeadSpin is perfect for beginners while Perfecto is more for enterprise-level.