Norway is a great tourist spot for unending sunsets and northern lights. There are so many islands available for tourists to enjoy at any time of the year. Over the years, it has become a haven for startups. In fact, it is one of the fastest growing countries in the startup ecosystem. The country is the source of clean energy, innovative techies, as well as unique fashion startups. Check out the top 10 most innovative startups in Norway in 2019 below.

1. Greenbird Integration Technology –

It is a tech startup which developed a hybrid cloud platform where there can be an integration of big data. This integration will help to power smart cities and the internet of things. The technological approach is quite advanced and innovative, and there is a huge scope for the company to apply its technology on a large scale. Even though the expansion is not rapid, it is only a matter of time before it gets a major player’s attention in its niche.

2. Meshcrafts –

It is the company producing the adopters for electric vehicles. The electric vehicles are the future, and adopters are something the owners will need to make the transition from the traditional vehicles to electric vehicles. The company has real-time communication devices, chargers, parking spot finders, and much more. It is a startup waiting to explode in the global market.

3. Boost AI –

This is a startup which is slowly becoming a leading company in the creation of virtual assistants. The company has created virtual assistants tailor-made for various sections such as insurance, tax, health, banking, and much more. Therefore, it is reaching out to all the companies in all the various niches. The responding to customers has become easy with virtual assistants, and the accuracy in tasks is increasing significantly.

4. FJONG –

It is an innovative startup company in the fashion industry. The company lets you rent and share clothes, and there is unlimited access within budget for everyone. The rental and subscription service, and it provides AI-powered stylists available to help customers choose the right dresses. There are already over 2,500 users and over 3000 items to rent. It is only going to be expanding exponentially.

5. Socius –

Even though it is not exactly so innovative, yet it deserves a special mention. Socius is a storytelling platform, and hence, it is for the digital publishers. At least that is what it started with. Slowly, it became a popular content management platform, and it is accepting posts from brands and publishing them to get them potential customers. Who knows this could be the new thing in the social media networking world?

6. Spacemaker AI –

This is a startup with major plans and huge revenue generation business model. The company makes modern tools and invents new processes for construction companies. They are ones fueling rapid urbanization, and it uses AI technology to maximize the potential of a construction site. It brings forward a collaborative work of architect engineer, real estate developers, and government agencies related to such work.


IDEX ASA is a leading startup company who are specialized in fingerprint identification technology. The startup wants to execute the technology in all types of electronic products. This will be effective in making payments, security, daily transaction, and much more. Therefore, the company has huge targets in mind, and this biometric technology is applicable to all sectors and products.

8. Bilagos –

Bilagos has started its operation in 2015, and the company is on the mission of changing the accounting industry. They have proprietary technology, and they have created an accounting robot and an advanced AI platform. This does data classification, data analysis as well as accounting automatically and instantly. Besides, the robot is going to bring down the cost and time involved in any finance department significantly.

9. Lawbotics –

It is one of the most innovative startups in Norway, and it has got recognition for the same. It is letting the legal organizations to create clear legal documents, faster processing of those documents, and there are over 1000 members who have approved the system, and it is improving the legal system significantly.

10. Attensi –

This Norwegian startup company focuses mainly on 3D gamification and simulation. It creates a learning by doing environment in the companies which are its clients, and it makes a unique combination of reality and gaming for deep interaction and learning. The training will be more fun and engaging. This is an extremely innovative technology, and it has huge scope and potential on a global scale.

Besides these, there are so many other such innovative startups available in Norway, all of which have the potential to be extremely big in the country and globally.

Kitty Gupta