The Netherlands is a popular hub for startup companies. It is mainly concentrated around Amsterdam which is where so many meetups are held by tech companies around the globe. Naturally, the region saw an exponential rise of startup companies over the last few decades. We are listing down the top 10 most innovative startups in the Netherlands in 2019 below.

1. Digital Insurance Group

This company is well-known for its technological advancement in the field of digital banking from 2017. The group is a praise-worthy technology partner for new-age banks, brokers, and insurers. They generally offer fully customized mobile-fast insurance experience. The company was formed with the collaboration of the foremost Dutch insurance start-up Kompar and world’s first digital insurance broker Knip. 

2. Scan Movers

This group is famous for its excellent comparison between the movers to offer the best moving deal and mover for people. The company in collaboration with the renowned insurance broker offers exclusive moving insurance for any private or company move. This company efficiently compares and quotes each and every mover near the users for hassle-free moving.

3. Factris

Factris is well-known for its invoice processing. The main aim of this group is to provide helping hand to the European SMEs. This company supports these companies by processing their invoices using online platforms. The online invoice factoring platform offers working capital to businesses by purchasing the nonpaid invoices. For each unpaid invoice, they claim a 0.5% fee. With the help of Speedinvest, this company turns invoice into money within a day.

4. SpaceLife Origin

Started from 2018, this is the world’s first company aiming at the biotech and mission development. They are researching on ‘seeds of life’ in space up to the 2020 year. The target of this company is to make the conception of embryo applicable in space by 2021. By 2024, they are planning to make human birth possible in outer space.

5. Light Year

The main purpose of this company is to develop a first consumer electric car combined with solar cells. This solar team Eindhoven alumni is targeting to invent a solar-powered vehicle which can drive from 8000 to 10000-kilometers in a year with the help of solar energy. The company is in the target to launch the car publicly by 2020. At present they are busy in collecting funds. They have won CES award and partnered with automotive engineering company EDAG.

6. Convious

This high-tech company is recognized for its Auto Intelligence unit, which automatically calculates and delivers personalized price offers for visitors. The AI is built to show accurate results against measuring, predicting, and improving data analysis. This online company efficiently observes and records the interest of the visitors and offers the most precise results.

7. Primephonic

Being dubbed by ‘The Spotify of Classical Music’, the Primephonic is the ultimate destination to reach the classic songs with their purest form. From Mozart to Beethoven and other classical singers, this online company is able to deliver each of the music with best in class audio quality. They tend to offer more accurate search, crystal clear audio quality, background information, and more other recommendations of classics.

8. Optics 11

This company with its industrial-experience offers a unique solution by using optical fiber sensing for various applications. The thought of this group is that light can travel uninterruptedly inside the fiber and requires only glass or any silicone for sensing element in any weather condition. No matter what, optical fiber sensing is able to measure precisely in low or high temperature, remote locations, or electromagnetic fields.

9. Fooditive By 7TH Circle

This freshly established additive manufacture in Netherland aims to produce high-quality food additive to extend the lifespan of the foods in a healthy way. They are on the way to improve the extraction and blending processes by eliminating the usage of chemicals as preservatives. The company is intended to produce additives by using fruits and vegetable wastes. They are up to something environmental-friendly and food-safe invention.

10. Wonderkind

With the help of both artificial intelligence and hyper-targeting, this HR technological company is able to find out passive talents and employers. The company uses apps, email, social media, and more other platforms to excavate proper talents and builds up their connection with the helping corporates or staffing agencies.

Apart from these, there are so many other such innovative startup companies available in the Netherlands and particularly in Amsterdam. Each one of them can click at any time to get a huge response as they are transforming their innovative ideas into reality.