Canada is a great country for startups, and it is as good as the United States and the United Kingdom. The environment is perfect for the growth of any startup company, and there are talented youngsters available for startups to hire and make the most. Shopify is a Canada based tech company which is ruling the world. Now, it is helping other startups to prosper on a global scale. Here are the top 10 most innovative startups in Canada in 2019 that you should watch out for.

1. Klipfolio –

The company uses proprietary technology for its tool which provides data visualization. In today’s world, the decisions in companies are made out of data and their analysis. This is where data analytics and visualization come into play. The company fills in the gap and helps companies take bigger decisions easily. It is on its way to becoming a very big company as the product has a high success rate, and it is totally based on facts and data. All companies will benefit from the product.

2. Deep Genomics –

It is on a mission to change the dynamics of offering therapies. The company says that artificial intelligence is the future in the medical world, and the company develops genetic medicines using AI, and there are various therapies it offers to get rid of certain physical and more mental issues. It is all hidden in the molecular phenotypes.

3. Ritual –

This is an app company using which people can order food at a restaurant so that when they arrive in the restaurant, they do not have to wait. The food items will be served immediately, and they will be hot and fresh. Therefore, the app is helping you to cut down the waiting time significantly. Not just that, there are various such advantages provided using the app that helps customers as well as restaurants as a whole.

4. TouchBistro –

Talking about restaurants, this is something that every restaurant needs. It is a restaurant management software whereby the waiters can send orders to the kitchen as per the table number. Therefore, the order of ordering will be maintained, and the serving will be efficient and error-free. The interface can sort items so that the customers do not have to wait for long as small items can be served in less time.

5. Certn –

Talking about innovative, this is probably the most unique startup with a completely unique product. The company offers a risk management tool which assesses the consumer behaviour on various parameters and from various sources and let a property manager or lender know whether the consumer is worthy enough for the loan or not. The company is receiving interest from reality companies and finance companies. The technology is proprietary which makes the product exclusive.

6. WealthSimple –

As the name suggests, the company offers a platform to the users to diversify their investments and optimize tax bills. It offers options to manage your assets and take care of the risk as much as possible. Therefore, it is a complete virtual financial manager that not just saves your money in taxes but also invests all around for better growth. 

7. –

It is going to revolutionize the baking sector completely. It is about to bring a change in the way customers interact with banks for financial requirements. This is called conversational banking system. It is integrating digital assistants like Siri for personal banking services. Various popular banks have eyes set of the company and its products and services. It is sure to transform the banking system for better.

8. MindBridge –

This is a startup company based on artificial intelligent. Its product focuses on financial auditing whereby it reduces the errors, speed up the processing of big financial data, and there is less of misstatements. It uses proprietary technology, and it is truly a revolutionary product for the financial organizations and companies of all scales.

9. Pivot Furniture

Startups are all about breaking the tradition and coming up with innovative. This is a furniture company that offers you subscription model to buy high-quality furniture. There is an option for unlimited swaps with old furniture items as well as unlimited returns. They have on-demand service, and the company is led by a popular serial entrepreneur.

10. Xanadu

The startup company is on the mission to change the world. It is into quantum computing whereby it is using advanced artificial intelligence to integrate photonic chips with existing hardware to transform the existing system into quantum computing. Hence, the speed of computing will become lightning fast. It is also in a mission to create the first practical quantum computer.

Apart from these, there are too many such innovative startups available in Canada, and some of them are going to grab headlines in the near future.

Kitty Gupta