Innovation and startup go hand in hand. Most of the startups are aiming at producing innovative products to pierce through the existing market competition and get noticed. There is no denying the fact that USA is the front runner in innovations as well as startups. Today, we have curated the top 10 most innovative startups in USA in 2019 that you should watch out for.

1. Front

The artificial intelligence is at its peak in the current year, and it is only going to get better with time. The front is a startup based on artificial intelligence product. It is changing the way the teams work around the world. It has created a shared-inbox platform to allow the teams to handle the incoming messages in a better way. There are four channels available, namely email, SMS, Slack, and social media for communication. Everything can be handled from a single platform. In this connection, Highspot deserves mention which is another AI-based startup, and it has gained a lot of traction from big companies.

2. Inamo

It is basically a FinTech startup, and it is totally going to change the way we make payments. It is actually a contactless payment solution provider where no credit card or cash will be required. It comes in the form of a SIM card, and you can get it connected to your smartphone or smartwatch and make payments for purchases seamlessly without any physical items.

3. HappyEMI

This is going to be the next big trend in the consumer world. It offers POS financing service whereby consumers can take an instant loan and repay within a dedicated time. The dedicated time can be set by the users, and there are not many services available that are providing on-credit services through POS machines.

4. Czur Scanner

The Czur is a futuristic product, the ones you see in the movies. It is a scanner cum camera, and then there is a projector. What it initially does is it scans the photos or objects and projects them instantly. You can scan book pages, photos, and even save them.

5. Incluyeme

There are not many companies who are willing to take disabled employees in their companies. There is always a stigma, and Incluyeme attempts to break through the stigma. It is connecting companies to recruit disabled people for the jobs that are suitable for. The company is becoming sustainable in its growth and plans to go global.

6. TransferGo

People are tired of transferring money from one country to another by paying high transaction fees. TransferGo is a global company, and it lets the users do exactly that without paying an excessive fee. It is a licensed product under FCA, and it is an account to account business model, and the charges are very nominal and mostly currency conversion.

7. Bundil

There are a lot of people who are willing to invest in cryptocurrencies as it is booming and giving investors fortune of a lifetime. However, not many can invest as they just cannot save more from their earnings. Bundil makes it easy for them to invest the spare changes from the different transactions. So what it does is when you get the spare from transactions and invest them in different cryptocurrencies. That way, you do not have to save anything extra from your earning. This may not be a huge investment, but in the long run, you can make your fortune.

8. BooksARalive

This startup is doing something extraordinary which can be the next big thing. It is transforming the books into augmented reality so that the readers can watch what they read. Augmented reality is the future, and there are so many startups coming up on the same technology. BooksARalive is extremely intriguing, and once it signs up with the big publishers, things can get really interesting.

9. Dandelion

The company has come up with the idea to remove the heater and ACs from the market. What it does is installs geothermal pump to harness the energy from below the earth’s surface. This energy is transformed to keep homes hot during winter and cool during summer. It is also supplying hot water using the harnessed energy, which is saving a lot for the homeowners.

10. Travis

Even though it might not be as innovative as others are, Travis provides a translator to help travelers communicate with local people across the world without knowing their language. It detects the language the local people are speaking and then when you speak in your language, it translates and makes it heard. There are various such types of tools available, but it is a complete product and highly useful. There AI bots to make life easier for you beyond your country border.

There are many such startups to watch out for in 2019 because the startup industry is booming with more and more innovative products and services. We are in an exciting time, and the future is very promising thanks to the innovation startups are bringing on the plate.

Kitty Gupta