London is the most popular city for startups at present, followed by Berlin. Therefore, it is needless to say that the United Kingdom is the home for most of the innovative startups in the world. The UK has become Europe’s top hub for tech startups. There are over 30,000 tech startups, and hundreds of startup meetups and tech meetups take place through the year. The following is the list of the top 10 most innovative startups in the United Kingdom in 2019 to watch out for.

1. Akoni – This startup has developed a cash management system due to which it lets the small and medium businesses to make the best use of their available money. Not just that, it finds out the best time for currency conversion, investment in products like stock markets, cryptocurrencies, and likewise. There is always some cash in hand for companies, and the product uses machine learning and data science for such a solution.

2. Oxford VR – The startup has innovative therapy to treat various issues using virtual reality. It mostly deals with psychological treatment, and it is clinically validated. Besides, the therapy is cost-effective, and it is acting like a virtual coach with proper stimulation. The company plans to bring out headset so that patients can do therapy themselves at home.

3. GraphCore – This is a startup that it on its path to glory. It is developing AI processors as well as software. These processors are going to be the basis of future technology, and companies like Intel and Qualcomm could be in the race to buy it out. It is estimated that these chips are going to be 10 to 100 times faster than the existing hardware.

4. Moonbug – Parents are tired of their kids watching irrelevant content when they are away. Besides, there is a lack of content available for kids to watch and get entertained. Moonbug solves the problem, and their contents are tailor-made for kids to teach value through storytelling. The kids are giving a great response to them, and the startup is expanding very fast.

5. FactMata – There is so much fake news floating on various media platforms that a war can be started with them among countries, localities, and whatnot. So far, the platforms have failed to curb these fake news and FactMata has come up to do fact checking using AI and then by a community it has built around the world. Therefore, hate speech, provoking news, fake news, clickbait stuff can be eliminated to the maximum extent.

6. Perlego – There are various online e-book platforms available, and not many of them are useful for students doing higher studies. Perlogo comes to the rescue of the students, and they do not have to shell out huge money to buy textbooks. There is a low subscription model available, and there are over 200,000 textbooks available to choose from. Besides, to ease the studying process, students can highlight, use annotation, and generate references. They have collaborated with popular published like Oxford, Princeton, and Macmillan.

7. Birdie – It is one of the best startups in terms of technological application as well as a social value. It is a startup that lets older adults live independently and let others take care of their well-being. There are apps and devices available for taking care of their wellbeing. There are health analytics technology, remote sensors, alerting people when required, and much more. It is sure to take off worldwide, and it has started in 2017 and making waves.

8. Chatterbox – There is another startup to help out those in need in creative ways. They are letting the refugees in the UK to teach their language to the native UK for better job opportunities. Obviously, there are various criteria they have to select the teachers, and this innovative initiative is changing the lives of the refugees and letting students learn different languages as per their requirements.

9. Scape Technologies – The reason why autonomous vehicles and drones have not yet been commercialized is not far-fetched. There is no tailor-made map available to avoid obstacles in the path. Scape Technologies is doing just that as they are creating AR infrastructure which is a map for machines for precise determination of what is in the path.

10. Lumen – It is a startup company with a dating app for people over 50 years. Therefore, there are single, divorced, and widowed men and women available. The platform is getting extremely popular, and there are various features such as minimal message length for it to be meaningful, safety and honesty, verification, and much more.

Apart from these, there are so many other startup companies in the UK that deserve to get recognition going forward.

Kitty Gupta