Germany is one of the most popular countries in Europe as well as the startup culture goes. As a matter of fact, Berlin is the second biggest startup hub in Europe and London holds the first position. Startups are all about innovative and doing completely new or something new of the old versions. Today, we are listing down the top 10 most innovative startups in Germany 2019.

1. Wandelbots –

Robotics is the future, and the company is bringing the future to the present with a futuristic approach. We all know that we can control robots using remotes and even smartphones. However, this company has gone forward to design smart clothing which means you can control the robots using your dresses and their movements. The company has produced a smart jacket for the logistics companies, and Volkswagen and Infineon are some of the popular clients it has got to fuel the unthinkable innovation.

2. Grover –

There are so many tech products coming out every month from the biggest brands. You want to buy each one of them and try them out. However, it is practically not possible, and Grover makes you a dream come true. There are loads of tech products, and they provide them to you on a monthly subscription basis. You have to return the product after the subscription for the product is over. You can also buy it from them. It is a disruption in the current market, and now many brands would support it for obvious reasons.

3. German Autolabs –

This is on its way to becoming one of the biggest companies. It has designed a product which acts like a digital assistant for your car. You can control operations by gestures and by voice controls, and it uses artificial intelligence. It can also act like a co-driver and do all the messaging. It helps in better navigation and takes your call and plays music. It is even supported by the Ministry of Transport, and it is designed to make driving safe and more convenient.


This is truly an innovative product that the startup has come up with. It is aimed at helping the farmers and providing them insights into cropping. Farmers can send them photos of damaged plants, and through image-recognition software, the probably causes of damage and the solution will be provided. There are over 1 lakh users at present, and it received thousands of such images for analysis. It is a groundbreaking idea, and it has the potential to be successful everywhere.

5. Movinga –

People living in a rented house, they have to move out from one place to another annual due to job requirement or expiry of the contract. Movinga is a startup company that lets you do all the processes in between moving out and landing in another place easily. They have a website where you can select the pickup date, the packing, list of objects to carry, moving boxes, unpacking and much more so that moving out is no more a headache.

6. Blinkist –

This German startup makes life easy for bookworms who just cannot make enough time for reading. The company makes a 15-minute summary of the popular books it has in its catalog and you as a bookworm can get the gist of the book. That way, you do not have to regret about reading a book that has no substance.

7. Door2Door –

The company focuses on the mobility and transportation sector. It takes into consideration all the public transport options available and provides you the most efficient recommendations. There is more need for private cars, and they are working with various transport companies and cover a lot of area in Germany.

8. Infarm –

This company has bridged the gap between the farm and the restaurant, supermarket, and warehouse. It eliminates the middlemen completely, and the farmers get the price you should get. For now, it is working with over 50 farms and directly supplying items to restaurants and largest food retailers. It has huge potential to grow beyond measures.

9. Celonis –

The companies are being run now based on the data analysis. The officials are taking decisions based on data so that there is minimal discussion and maximum output. Celonis has products whose job is to analyze the business processes and produce reports to save the companies time and money in improving the product, increasing the production efficiency and drive to a greater height.

10. N26 –

It is one of the biggest startups in Germany, and it is totally a mobile bank. It offers the lowest currency exchange fee and money transfer fee and free ATM withdrawal. But that is not all, it uses artificial intelligence to track your spending habits and that way you can save a lot.

Apart from these, there are so many startups coming up with innovative products. Germany and especially Berlin is fast becoming another name for Silicon Valley.