The reason why most of the people hate their jobs is more due to lack of job satisfaction. Job dissatisfaction arises due to lack of proper resource management. Almost everyone is not happy with the way they are treated by their managers. The ones who have the skills, they do not get the promotion and raise they deserve. Those who do not do the needful and oil the manager, they fly high. Out of frustration among employees, there are more occasions when gossips and jokes about the office manager become entertaining for frustrated employees. Here are some of them that you can relate to and share with others to laugh together.

1. The Job Of A Manager

A manager needs to have more responsibility than the other employees under him. However, it seems like his job is to traumatize the life of the employees who do not suck up to him. Therefore, due to some reason, when someone is absent from the work, the next day when he comes back, his email inbox will be full of emails to spend a day on to finish reading. That is the manager making him pay for his absence.

2. Emails From Manager

The basic job of managers is to send endless emails to their employees. Some of them, they write themselves, and most are forwarded. It has become a motto of a manager to disturb the employees with such long and boring emails at any time in the middle of their work. On top of that, they mark it urgent and want feedback. Again, they will rebuke the employees for wasting time and not meeting deadlines.

3. As A New Manager

This is the one managers can relate to especially the ones who have been recently promoted. Fax still exists in today’s world and especially at the corporate level in the era of emails. This is because the managers of the previous era are yet to trust email. The managers of the new generation get a culture shock when they are asked to fax statements and proposals.

4. Punctual Manager

A manager is the most punctual employee in the company and as he should be. He leaves the office at per the formal schedule of the company. He never gets late to leave the office, and he is the first employee to leave the office while the rest under him can never do it thanks to him. It is a way to be the first in the race and showing others the path to follow, if you get the drift.

5. During Appraisal

The meeting for an appraisal is when the manager shows his true color. Through the days, he will praise you and encourage you to take up more works and finish before time. But when you submit the work, he will make sure to bring you down and ask you to do better even though you have done your best. When the appraisal meeting happens, it will be a bolt from the blue when you get the thumbs down.

Stay tuned for various such corporate and freelance related jokes and memes to light up your mood.

Kitty Gupta