Under the current regime of the Indian government, the encouragement of launching startup companies is high. The availability of easy and instant loan at low EMI has helped entrepreneurs to transform their dream into reality. Even though most of the startups do not live up to the expectations, but the innovative ones definitely manage to grab some attention. Unless it is innovative, it is difficult to get attention as there will be leaders in the existing niches. We are listing the top 10 most innovative startups in Indian 2019.

1. Ask Arvi –

India’s life insurance sector is growing consistently, and there is a lot of potential in the future. In fact, it is increasing at 12%-15% every year. Ask Arvi is basically a platform for insurance policy via chatbot. One of the main issues with people opting for insurance is the lack of information and after-sales service. The chatbot is something like 24/7 agent for you. Even if the product does not make it big in the worst case scenario, it is going to be acquired by big insurance companies, and they are sure to integrate the system into their online platform.

2. Doctor Insta –

There are many platforms available for online, however, Doctor Insta is somewhat more innovative, and the success rate is going to be on the high side. They have aggregated doctors of different disciplines, and there is an option for phone, chat as well as video visit. Doctors can refer patients to US doctors and in-person visit as well as medicines. They also sell medicines, and therefore, you can make purchases of the prescribed medicines as well. With the total funding is $7 million, it is on its way to success.

3. SmallCase

Investing money is still a big concern for people earning more than enough money. SmallCase provides a thematic investing platform for the middle class mostly. It is a Fintech startup, and there is a huge potential for the company to grow exponentially. The middle-class people are always looking for options to invest their money for higher returns. SmallCase provides the desired instrument with information and education. You can create a diversified portfolio at low-cost for long-term gains.

4. Instavans –

It is a logistic company which aims at optimizing the experience for shippers and truckers. It aims at revolutionizing the local trucking market and reducing logistics overhead. There are price transparency and better access option, and it has a large number of local truck operators under its belt for instant service at low-cost. It is simply smart and fast, and you can select truck type, pickup, and drop point and confirm for booking.

5. Cashe –

It is already getting very popular as it is a personal loan app where you can take loan up to 50000 instantly. It is perfect during an emergency, and there are various perks associated. There are less headache and hectic procedure involved than traditional loans from the bank and other financial institutes.

6. Kissht

You must have been buying electronic products such as AC, TV, Freezer and likewise at EMI. The same concept can be applied to any shopping as you can shop on EMI without a credit card. The company is collaborating with various brands for trouble-free instant EMI option.

7. Crofarm

This is something India needs as it helps the farmer to connect with retailers directly. First of all, the problem of selling crops is going to be solved. Secondly, the selling price of the crops will be higher which is what the farmers deserve than the ones in the middle. With more digitization, the usage of the app is going to rise.

8. Vedantu –

The online education system is becoming quite popular, and Vedantu taps the right opportunity. It provides live classroom with India’s best teachers. Even parent wants the best teacher for their kids, and they are willing to invest reasonably for the betterment of the future. Vedantu is on its way to becoming the first preference among the upper middle class and affluent class.

9. Flintobox –

It is a subscription model product whereby parents get innovative products monthly or quarterly to educate their kids with full fun. There are different boxes available for kids of different age groups, and most of the subscribers have become repeat customers. The product or system is truly innovative and therefore, deserves special mention.

10. TaoAutomation –

It is an automation product company that uses the robotic process for customer service. There are a lot of companies already subscribing to the product, and the feedback is highly positive. It is going to drive the digital transformation. The products are designed for analysis, discovering opportunities, and customer satisfaction.

Apart from these innovative startups in India in 2019 to watch out for, there are hundreds and thousands of them. It is only a matter of moment before any of them reaches the pinnacle of success with the right product and creative marketing.