Freelancers are the most underrated professionals in the world. Those who are not freelancers, they consider freelancers as unemployed. They always joke about their state until the freelancers start showing off. When they start showing off, people praise them, and their style of work and they think that a freelancer leads to a life of less pressure and more comfortable. However, there is always some suspicious and the life of a freelancer is always tough to live. In such a tough personal and professional life, the following jokes and memes will provide the much-needed relief.

1. The Initial Days

The initial days of any freelancing work are very difficult. The clients always hire experienced people as they do not entrust newbies with their work. For a beginner, the question that always comes to mind is how to get experience before one gets experienced naturally. This is where the frustration as well as the funny side of the freelancing life starts.

2. What People Thinks Of You

No matter what you do, people will always judge you. As they say, first, they will ignore you then they will laugh at you, they will be jealous of you and this series continues. For a freelancer who can show off wearing costly dresses and live a luxurious lifestyle, your friends will think that you can just sit and earning money anywhere you want. Your mom thinks of you as a freelance artist and the society thinks that you print money. Your wife knows better than you work all day and you think that you are multi-tasker but the truth is you are completely frustrated that you are a freelancer.

3. Getting Paid Is A Never-Ending Process

There will be times when you come across some miser clients who just want to get the job done from you but once it is done, they will make you wait for a lifetime. First, they will say that unless you submit the job, they will not pay. When you submit, they will give an excuse that they are having trouble in transferring the money. They will pay in parts and not pay the rest and likewise. Every freelancer can relate to it and they know that they will have to wait endlessly.

4. The Changes

As a freelancer, you may think that doing the job as per the description is enough to get the money released. But when you submit the job, you will get to know the cons of a freelancing life. There are so many changes you have to make to satisfy the clients and you could have done many projects in that time span.

5. The Competition

There are so many freelancers available in the world and that too from countries where the value of money is low. There will always be some who will bid cheaper even though your bid is already cheap. Therefore, you have to lower your bid and at the end of the day, the project that is awarded to you, you will get very less payment.

Stay tuned for more such jokes and memes about freelancers that you can relate and laugh with your friends.

Kitty Gupta