As the global economy is spinning from the Great Recession, the statistics of unemployment are getting astounding in the U.S. by historical standards and by the normal standards. More than 2 million Americans are jobless for more than 99 weeks, then, Dr. Doom Roubini supplementary frightened everybody by predicting that there could be a 60% possibility of recession with double-dip.

So the said infographic could come in handy thereby offering you with some clue about the trend of the hottest labor market even in the recessionary environment.

Apart from the normal health, technology, the financial related jobs (such as veterinarian, financial analyst, and software engineer) that are specifically considered to be hot as well as they are said to be recession-proof, three jobs such as Counselor of Mental Health, Forensic Science Technician as well as the Makeup Artist, seem to be quite much surprising to me. I guess that either the CSI or rising rate of the crime, and the mental pressure that is induced because of recession probably have quite more effect that is far-reaching than I had even imagined, and certainly, vanity does not gets old.

The type of jobs which is usually career-seeking by the Americans must avoid all costs that are essentially those which have been replaced gradually by technology – telemarketer, Post Office Mail Sorter, carpenter, record store owner, and photo processor. But automation at times also comes with some kind of the price.

IT Industry – Booming Industry

Despite overflowing information technology bubble which played an important and crucial key role in recession of the early 2000s, IT was the fastest and quickest growing sector in the economy of United States during and after the Great Recession. The reason is that the sector of information technology is not just confined to traditional tech companies such as software makers as well as server manufacturers. Among the best growth businesses were the Voice Over IP providers, video game designers, Internet publishers, and wind and solar power manufacturers.

Growth Areas of IT sector

The prevalent growth areas for the IT jobs are in networking as well as systems administration, software design and development, analysis of software implementation, testing as well as question and answers, and also the database administration. Systems analysts, as well as the administrators, also appear to have some wonderful prospects of a job, as the nature of work is quite much collaborative as well as much difficult to outsource overseas.

Reason for IT industry flourishing even in a recession

One of the key reasons that information technology continue to be a job which is high in-demand and the entire sector is also in high demand is because there is an overall lack of highly qualified IT workers and specialist. As older the IT workers or IT employees retire, there just are not adequate younger workers to always take the place. The percentage of U.S. college students that are graduating with the degree of computer science has also declined since the year 2005 to their lowest level since the year 1986. Such kind of the trend has also led some kind of the analysts that could simply predict a decrease of 15 percent in the supply of the IT workers, while the demand for the professional as well as highly experienced workers has also increased to about 25 percent.

A recent study which is performed by DCL or also known as Democratic Leadership Council has also shown that best paying “hot jobs” will usually fall in the field of Information Technology, which is an industrial area that does not have any kind of the practical existence, since last 25 years.

In the era of outsourcing, the low-rank of the IT jobs like data entry are usually outsourced to places that are having the comparatively less luxurious labor, and the expert IT jobs that include technical support along with programming are also sent to places and the skilled labor is becoming increasingly more accessible. Despite the fact, it is yet expected that in next ten years, the jobs which are highly-skilled focusing the business process with direct communication to a client will have high chance to significantly expand and will also be one of the high-paying jobs in the industry. However, the average salary for the jobs that have great demand in the sector is $71,470.00 that is above twice than that of the national average. Information Technology is usually anticipated to develop for 26% in the next 10 years and jobs in such area are expected to have some great and wonderful wages as compared to other fields.

As per the Bureau of Labor Statistics, usually approx. 70% of the IT professionals own the Bachelor’s degrees or some higher degrees. On the other hand, with the Information technology being the fresh industry, above than (66%) of the IT workers have the degrees in the areas that are non-IT related. It usually indicates that possessing eminent post-which is secondary to the educational background, regardless of the level of specialization allows the people to shine in the chosen careers in spite of the irrelevant status of the formal education.

Various fresh IT professionals also hold an associate degree as well as bachelor’s degrees in the great variety of programs related to Information Technology degree. With the BS in Information Technology getting a most renowned program, it may also be augmented through various online certification programs for software and hardware.

At the same time, the rapid development in the IT sector has also encouraged the future-concerned Americans that can switch to new careers with some additional benefits. Distance, as well as an online university, allows busy, employed people to gain an online degree with maintaining the jobs in the different industrial sector.

The latest trend about switching to a career in IT has been wonderful. Jobs with fat paychecks in IT are looking for the degree holders having appropriate knowledge about IT Architecture, Project Management, IT Security and Business Process Modeling. Similarly, IT professionals also are seeking additional certification with help of the online courses to add-on the credentials.