Originally, Minecraft was a Java-based game until Microsoft bought it. The version Java is still in a dynamic state situation, but since you should understand that Minecraft is a very famous title of the game, utilizing it as a UWP application is a wonderful way to support these kinds of applications.

Minecraft: If talking about Windows 10 Edition Beta then essentially it is a port of the Pocket Edition, it is completely released for Windows phones way back again in the time of 2014. Do not allow the word “pocket” to deceive you — some of the similar types of features available in the original Java edition of Minecraft are here, and whole parity across all editions of Minecraft would arrive one day.

Perfectly planned fall update to Minecraft: you should understand that Windows 10 Edition Beta, recognized as the Boss Update, would bring slash complete commands, new blocks, boss battles, as well as ocean monuments to some players. In spite of the upcoming update, still, there are many more great differences available between Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition Beta as well as the genuine Minecraft which started it all

In conditions of functionality, you can check that Minecraft Windows 10 is the same as Java edition. We recommend the different possible items which appear in the game, biomes, and monsters and its normal mechanics by work. That is just to say, find that there are some possible differences between games and they affect the game to a very great extent.

Thus, which specific one is the greatest edition of Minecraft? Windows 10 Minecraft or the genuine Java? It is not that simple to conclude, but you are very much capable to get some hints after reading the assessment between the two very famous versions.

Comparison Between Minecraft Windows 10 and Java

Here you can find a comparison between Java and Minecraft Windows 10 mainly comprises some important aspects. Once you will come to the end of this article you will completely understand all the things.


Two different versions of Minecraft supporting mod, which is, since the look of Java edition from the time of 2010, there are somewhat more mods that available in the very first version evaluated with the version of 2015 Windows 10. Impartially speaking, the overall quality of Java mode is greater than the current standard of Minecraft Windows 10 mods.

On the whole, the genuine version of Windows 10 was planned for different types of mobile devices, thus the tailored scene will always be coming up.

The latest Java version can be completely played, complete along with textures, mods, and some other content related to Minecraft without paying a single penny. Even though you can easily download all of the above-mentioned variants without any cost in Windows 10, this type of version even contains optional purchases in-game mode.

These things vary from map packs, skins, textures and new modes of the game. Most of the people will surely oppose the plan of paying for add-ons in Minecraft, but for some of the parents, as the Windows 10 third-party content has been analyzed by Microsoft, it is fully free from risk approach.


Both of the versions are supporting keyboards and mice, but just one of them is supporting controllers. Although Mojang was launched in 2010, it hasn’t yet applied the Java version of the controller support system.

For most of the players PC-centric, this would not be an issue, but if you wish to jump from the gloom of the game console to the computer, you will have to install an extra program like Joy ToKey, to get the best type of controller.

On the Windows 10 Edition, you can easily plug in a kind of controller and it would work. Though, you do not utilize the feature of controller, in this specific case, more and more features are excellent than fewer.


On the releasing time of Windows, someone can play with their players on some other devices together with Android, Xbox, IOS and the Nintendo Switch in June. When you are playing games along with some other players, you have to register a completely free Live account of Xbox. As this type of function is not accessible for the Java version, Minecraft Windows 10 version has a complete benefit.


Two different editions have servers. The just issue is that we are utilizing two different editions of the same type of game – the Java version can’t connect to the server of Windows 10, even as Windows 10 can’t connect to the Java edition server.


You should understand that Java Minecraft has an unbelievable community living in thousands of servers. Some of these servers are either locally hosted or from third-party server services, but there are some realms run by the Mojang. A lot of mods and plugins available for the servers; you can easily join so many servers and not practice a similar style of game.

Minecraft: Beta version of Windows 10 Edition can’t be played with those people utilizing Java Minecraft, but that is completely OK — you can sign into live account of your Xbox and play next to more than 10 friends in a kingdom that is just a safe server which is hosted by Mojang. Even, there is some option to make a server and have approximately five players join over the LAN.

Therefore, the main thing about choosing an edition is to see which specific has more servers you like the most.

Consumption of System resource:

The Minecraft’s Java edition is more resource exhaustive compared to the Windows 10 version. It is more like a Java problem compare to a Minecraft problem. If you do not wish to adjust the game anymore, utilizing the Windows 10 version is the greatest idea.


Minecraft Win 10 version is the application that you download, whereas the Java version is supposed to be for your system. It is more worth and developed your gems/money. 

Kitty Gupta