There are some most famous operating systems for a laptop such as macOS, Windows 10 and Chrome OS. As not any other single OS is great for every student, it is very much important to recognize each of their positives and negatives before purchasing your next computer system or laptop. Thus, which of these OS —macOS, Windows 10 or Chrome OS —you need to go with?

Ease of Use and Interface

You will be interrelating with your laptop regularly thus interface of your OS is very much important. These different types of operating systems that are all planned for daily consumers, so they every have an easy to use, clean UI. You must eventually select the one you like the most, but we will run throughout the possible differences.

Windows 10

Windows 10 will take the greatest parts of Windows 8 and Windows 7 and improves them. The traditional desktop interface usually returns but with the updated tile-based Start menu which may be resized as per your preference.

– All of the programs and files are well organized in the start menu with the accompanying graphics that could assist to find them faster.

– Moreover,you may even pin any of the programs to the taskbar on the bottom of the screen, the desktop and also Start Menu. When you pin the app to the start menu, this will appear to be Live Tile that could simply display the information at glance.

– Various live features are available on the Windows 10 taskbar and the left side, you can find the search bar which is next to the microphone icon bringing Cortana. However, on the opposite side is the Action Center where you will get the notifications. There is even an icon that shows you all available Windows.

– From various themes to the much customizable wallpapers, the Windows 10 is mainly graphics-heavy that various students will certainly appreciate. The Windows 10 even has different themes with the light and the dark mode option.

Features of Windows10:

It can switch between the desktop mode and interface of a touch-friendly tablet that is the biggest differentiator for the Windows 10 as it is compared with macOS. Hence, for this particular reason, students who always prefer to take the notes or draw with their hands should also strongly consider the detachable Windows 10 or the bend back laptop which is for 2-in-1.

Also, Cortana is another useful feature of Windows 10. While the voice assistant of Microsoft has been well relegated to the background in the latest versions of the Windows, Cortana also makes it simple to search for these things.


Anyone that has used the macOS in their past will not have any kind of problems to navigate the latest version: Mojave. This is the reason that Apple hasn’t made key changes to the interface of macOS’ in years.

– Similar to Windows 10, the macOS also has a customizable taskbar where you may simply place the favorite apps and programs. The powerful search feature in scans of the top-right corner your computer and also web for what so ever term you will type in.

– The icon of the rocket on macOS opens the Launchpad, the clean interface for various apps, while Finder, the version of Apple of File Explorer, is mainly where files, apps, and the download option reside.

– The desktop with the shortcuts echoes of the look of the Windows 10 however with the latest Stacks feature, you may simply group the files in most expandable clusters. And, certainly, you may also change desktop background on Mac in settings of System Preferences.

Feature of macOS

The spotlight of Apple feature in macOS is much powerful tool which may also calculate the equations, show you the weather as well as scan the computer for the files. As an alternative, you may also ask Siri for various search results or to search for the files on the computer.

The new feature of Sidecar allows you to use an iPad as the second display so you may simply work on various apps at the same time. And with the Messages, you may also send the messages to Mac, iPad, and iPhone that uses iMessage.

macOS does not support the capabilities of full touch, but some of the MacBook Pros also have the Touch Bar or the slim secondary touch screen which helps to replace the shortcuts of the keyboard.

Chrome OS

The users of Android will feel just right at home on the Chromebook. The web-based Google’s operating system usually stands out from other OSs as it relies heavily on the Chrome browser. Similar to Windows 10, even Chrome OS has also the customizable interface of a desktop but most of the time will be usually spent in Chrome. It keeps things to be perfectly streamlined for the students who do the coursework on the internet.

Along with Chrome app, the launcher on bottom-left corner of the Chrome OS for accessing the apps quickly and recently also viewed files in the Android such as the app drawer, though the pop-up box on opposite corner allows you to quickly change the Wi-Fi, Bluetooth as well as the settings of Accessibility, among different things. Each of above mentioned operating systems mainly comes with their own set of features.

Features of Chrome OS:

The browser of Chrome is the key feature. The most renowned web browser in the world is clean, fast and it has lots of students. Google even touts the ease of Chrome OS. Setting up the new Chromebook is quite simple as signing in to the Google Account and also the teachers will certainly appreciate how simple it is managing the fleet of the Chrome OS laptops.

As Chrome OS is quite a lightweight operating system, the Chromebooks specifically run smoothly and it also boots up just in seconds. It also includes the instant tethering to the Android phones, with the brightness of the automatic display and seamless cloud sync.


Before you purchase a laptop for you must check if you will need using the legacy programs. If yes, you will possibly need a Windows 10 or the macOS laptop. For gamers, you should choose Windows 10 and you may also consider the Chrome OS when you wish your laptop to be just like the smartphone.