The 2020 Java Developer Roadmap consists of my years of experience and also some of the unobstructed paths about how you should become the Java expert. This roadmap will certainly help you to answers various such burning questions such as the technologies that the Java developer must learn? You should also learn what are the tools that make you be the better Java developer? Also, which kind of structure the Java developer should really learn.

The most important and the crucial things that we have tried with the roadmap is to keep the set of exposure being short to be possible, it is even avoided the mentioning many of the alternatives, specifically when it is about libraries as well as tools and also stick with the tools of industry-standard as well as the libraries.

This roadmap has been kept to be quite a much simple so most people may be able to follow it as well as just included some of the important stuff, though when there is adequate desire. When you are keenly interested, you may also be able to find a much exhaustive list about the separate blog pots that are also listed in a further section of learning. Anyway, now let us go through the go through 2020 Java Developer Roadmap as it will help to make understand how to become the Java developer in the year 2019.

At the same time, you by not any kind of means require to clearly understand almost everything on the roadmap for becoming the rockstar developer. Also, you don’t require taking it quite seriously when you do not wish to. Instead, you should use such maps as the starting point that could assist and guide the learning as and when you go.

The perfect RoadMap of Java Developer

Let us now explore the roadmap of Java developer and should also find out about the tools, libraries and frameworks APIs that you may simply understand

1. Tools

The section of tools is well divided in key 2 parts. Initially, your IDE is the main tool and may also do everything that you actually asked such as the compile, debug, run, profile, test, even you can compare files as well as the code, refactoring as well as quite other things.

The other part is about to build a tool, that you should build as well as you should deploy the projects. Any person of this will be adequate. I just have listed ANT, though this is for the legacy projects. Also, every new such Java project, you should also prefer Maven and Gradle.

 In case you are interested for learning about such tools, below mentioned are few of the useful courses that you should learn to build tools as well as IDEs

– Five courses which you should learn Apache Maven exclusively for Java developers

– Five Courses that you should learn IntelliJIDEA

– Five Free Courses that you should learn about Eclipse IDE


This is the other crucial and significant thing that you should know JDK APIs, that is definitely quite important for the Java developer. It is big and huge section, and this is the reason that why it gets divided into the core areas such as the framework of Java Collections, Java IO, Java 8, and Java Concurrency, let us now explore below mentioned:

2.1 Framework of Java Collections

It is the most crucial Java API that each Java developer must learn. The API offers implementations of the structure of standard data for the Java-like and linked list, stack, set, queue, priority, hash, queue as well as others. Also, you must know about everyday objects such as ArrayList, HashSet, HashMap, TreeSet, LinkedHashSet, etc. Every one of these has their diverse properties such as ArrayList is the most dynamic array that may also grow; the HashMap is mainly the standard implementation about hash table and may be used for the pairs of the store key-value.

In a similar way, HashSet is set implementation which does not actually allow for replica elements. It has been suggested about the Java Fundamentals about the Collections course through Richard Warburton Pluralsight that could be able to learn the Framework of Java Collection in depth.

2.2 Concurrency of Java

Subsequent to the Java Collections, next, the most important API in the Java is mainly about multithreading as well as concurrency, it is truly believed that when you wish to be the much capable Java developer, you should also have the solid understanding about the command on the Java Concurrency API.

Moreover, you not just should have a complete understanding of the fundamental concepts such as Thread, Object locking, Runnable as well as Synchronization, but even you must get familiar with concepts such as deadlock, race conditions, livelock and how you should deal through them. You must even learn about the much-advanced concepts of Java concepts such as synchronizers that are added on Java 5 as well as the subsequent version.

2.3. Features of 8 Java

However there is also some other necessary API, the Java programmer, must also learn the features of Java 8 that have absolutely changed their way through which Java gets coded as well as programmed these days. To become the Java developer for the year 2019, you should also know how you should use the Lambda expression, Optional classes, Stream API as well as new time and Date API.


Devoid of knowing such APIs, it will be really very much very difficult to write Java application for the year 2019. The most libraries even have now stopped supporting the version which is less than Java 8, that also means you need for learning features of Java 8 than later. This is already 5 years after when Java 8 got released, hence you should literally need no excuse.

While it is about learning the features of Java 8, there are various excellent resources that are available in the market, though if you already know to be Java, it has been suggested that you should choose the resource that just focuses on the features of Java 8. In such a way, you will be able to learn Java 8 quickly.