When you will check the online and offline market, you will find that there are several books available for developers and programmers. But due to lack of time, programmers are unable to read them properly. It will be very good if you have a list, so you can easily choose a suitable book for your spare time. 

Here in this article, we are going to shortlist some Best Programming Books for 2020. The very first thing probably you have found is that it is not one of the classic “programmer’s books” lists you will find out there floating all over the web—and that is the best thing!

Here you will find the list of foundational books that will assist you to learn to write clean, good, clean code as well as proficiently structure your code. It will even assist you to grasp all of the main concepts of the programming.

Code Complete: 2nd Edition, A Practical Handbook of Software Construction

It is full of best suggestion regarding how to write excellent code regardless of programming language and architecture. Complete code goes into the structural details of writing the best code. I haven’t found any other book that also comes near to touching some of the topics in this excellent book. I think this book best for all devoted programmers and developers. 

Clean Code: A Handbook of Agile Software Craftsmanship

It is one more book that changed the way to write code. Neatly, I can separate my career of programming into pre-Clean Code, pre-Code Complete, and after. I suggested this book after getting information about Code Complete just because while it deals more with the formation of individual lines of methods and code, Clean Code works with few similar ideas but at a somewhat upper level.

Design Patterns: Top Elements of Reusable OOS

It is important reading to know what designs are and turn into familiar with the most usual designs you possibly encounter in your overall career. It is not a principally simple read, and the examples and descriptions could be somewhat tough to follow, mainly if you do not have a good grasp of UM. You should know, it is a book and you have to read. In case you are having a problem with this book, you could need to begin with “Head First Design Patterns,” that educates the designs in this book in a lot more eatable way, still, there is no alternate for the genuine.

Head First Design Patterns: A Brain-Friendly Guide

Before you get hands on this, you should first read the classic. It makes designs a lot simpler to understand. Even it is a helpful book for understanding how to teach difficult subjects and make them appealing.

Refactoring: Getting Better the Design of Existing Code

Even though modern IDEs have computerized lots of refactoring discussed in this book, still refactoring is a crucial idea to recognize to write clean, good code, mainly in present’s Agile environments. It covers all of the main refactorings that all the developers must know how to implement in any code. Understanding how to refactor your code permits you to exhale new life into it and have it get better over time because it is kept, rather than rot.

Effectively Working With Legacy Code

Except you are enough fortunate to always work on the projects of green-field, possibly you will encounter legacy code in your overall career. I integrated this book as it is the basic programming book on doing work with legacy code. In case you are doing work on a big codebase, this book could be a helping hand. 

Compilers: 2nd Edition – Principles, Techniques, and Tools 

It is recognized as the dragon book and for a valid reason. It moves down deep into different places where the dragons are living: in the territory of operating systems and compilers. A few of the information could be somewhat dated, but in case you are involved in how compilers work and possibly wish to write your own, you can take a look at this amazing book.

Professional Development Programming Books

 Career Guide For Software Developer

Aim of this book is just as there was not a perfect book in the market, actually any book for that subject that told everything about software developers they want to know like:

  • How they can start your career as a developer?
  • How they can learn a new language?
  • Self Study, boot camp, College?
  • How they can deal with the boss? Discrimination? co-workers?
  • How to find a job? 
  • What needs to know to become a professional software developer?
  • How to earn money and boost your career?

The Pragmatic Programmer: From Journeyman to Master

It was not my favorite when the first time I read it. Still, I do not agree with the whole thing said in this, but even with my doubts, I have to admit it is a book that every programmer or developer must read when they wish to change from being just a normal coder to somewhat more. There is a few very pragmatic recommendation in this book which will give upon you lessons that otherwise will take the time or even long time to learn.

The Clean Coder: A Code of Conduct for Professional Programmers

It is all regarding being the best programmer. It is a difficult read. Many developers would not like this book as the recommendation is sometimes tough to ingest. But ingest it in case you can, because the book’s author is a veteran in the business and has organized to stay related decade after a long time of pumping out code. 

The Passionate Programmer: Making an Extraordinary Career in Software Development

It was one of the major programming books which inclined me to treat my software development career as a business except just somewhat I did. It is full of wisdom regarding how to improve your skills, increase your time, keep alive your passion and career, etc. 


If you are a programmer or developer then you can read these books, as these books can help you to improve your career. You can even check online resources to find more information about these books.