With the growth of the digital economy, many people are looking to become freelancers. Also, in many countries, the concept of freelancing is growing faster as compared to overall employment. So, the question here is that why the rush is moving toward freelancing? As the veteran or as the aspiring UX designer, you might be really wondering if a freelance lifestyle can work great for you as well. Is the launching of a freelance career is possible in UX? How much you should expect for earning some good amount and also how exactly you should get started?

Benefits of Being a Freelancer UI/UX Designer

There are various benefits of being a freelancer. Being a UX designer, a person will be able to not just control your workday but also your complete career. Let us now discuss the key pros for freelance work.

–    Flexibility of Time

Instead of working on the fixed schedule of the 9-5 schedule, the freelance UX designers will work as per your chosen hours of the day.

As a freelancer, a person will be able to perfectly work as part-time or even as a full-time, as you will see to be fit. You may even take appropriate time off for spending with your family members as well as with your friends while they actually need you. Moreover, you may also organize the workload around the routine and regular tasks. The flexibility of Time will significantly enhance the quality of your life.

–    Flexibility of Income

It is another great thing for being a freelance UX designer where if offers a great extent of flexibility for earning your income. While on the other hand, the employees are actually limited to a similar level of the salary every month until they actually get a raise, so there is not any kind of the income cap on the earnings of the freelancer. You may also charge anything for the UX design services, for which the market will also accept.

Moreover, earning potential also does not end here once the time is booked completely. You may also put a prospective set of the clients on the waiting list, securing some of the additional earnings for your future. Or you can also hire an assistant that can simply perform specific tasks for you like billing and marketing and also freeing up additional time for the clients.

–    Flexibility of Location

As most of the freelancers work remotely, so they even enjoy the flexibility of location. It can mean anything from working at the local coffee shop and also working on another side of the planet. Being the gains of freelancing it gains popularity, this has become increasingly common working while you are traveling. Moreover, people who are doing this are also known to be “digital nomads.”

Like the digital nomad has various advantages. Apart from being able to explore some of the places like a tourist, you can even have the freedom to move at some of the places permanently, though taking the clients along. It will simply allow you to relish and enjoy the reduced cost of living as well as the higher quality of your life.

–    Regular growth of Career

A final advantage of becoming a freelance UX designer is mainly about the wonderful career growth. As a freelancer, you will also be able to gain working experience with various different clients. You can even have a chance to always experience the view of bird’s-eye of various different aspects of running the company. It may give you much empathy for the clients and business challenges that they usually face. The additional flexibility of time that you have might give you additional opportunities for professional development.

Now we have already discussed the benefits of being a freelance UX designer, possibly you might have a thought that it is a right kind of career option that you wish to take, but now the question is that what is the right time to take the step to become a freelance UX designer?

Here, the great news is, you do not need to take any kind of big and huge risks right now. To begin with, you may simply take on the small projects that are outside of the current and the recent responsibilities to see in case you really enjoy them. On the other hand, you might already be much busy with the full-time job, the initial projects about “side-hustle” can simply become the starting of your new base for the client.

There are some of the people who suggest having the savings fund of about 3-6 months of the expenses prior to leaving the full-time job. Moreover, the exact amount that you need actually depends on the personal as well as on your financial condition.

People having huge financial commitments, it might require to be much cautious than those having less permanent obligations. When you do not have various ongoing commitments, you may even scale up the expenses down temporarily like the business gets off from the ground.

Skills required – Freelance UX Designer

Possibly you have already experience of working as the full-time UX designer, or possibly you are also transitioning from the related field like the web design or like the graphic design. Either of the ways, there are some of the sets of skills that you need to succeed is a freelance UX designer.

– Education of UX Design

When you don’t have any kind of formal UX education or even when you are planning to get some additional knowledge, now it is a perfect time for investing. While the experience is quite crucial for getting hired being the freelancer, education certainly will enhance the skills, enhance the level of confidence, and also show possible clients that you get dedicated to the craft.


The business model usually makes sense for companies and similar people. Though the businesses also benefit from flexibility along with great access to a great pool of talent, freelancers will be able to enjoy great control over the working hours, earnings and location.

Kitty Gupta