Even though, each young designer begins their journey from the same place, taking recommendations from veterans in the industry moves quite a long way for treading some of the initial steps. There are various young creative minds that are trying to set up the feet in the business of freelancing graphic design.

However, in the market there are already at the highly saturated levels, it is never simple to leave any kind of solid mark. The appropriate skills, expertise along with the intelligent moves and certainly spark of luck is needed to attain your goal.

Such graphics will visually communicate thoughts and ideas as well as details to clients and consumers. The projects that are taken by the graphic designers will generally include developing the company logos, letterheads, postcards, brochures, greeting cards, invites as well as much more.

These are even engaged for creating the pages for some of the social media such as Facebook, web advertisements, Google+, web pages as well as application pages for the companies, and other related design available on-screen. In spite of the fact that creativity is natural flair, technical education is important in any field. Mainly there are few steps which one has to go through prior to starting being a freelance designer.

Proper Education

It is important that you should get formal education; you should undergo formal training in graphic design, visual communication, and web design.

– The college degree or a degree of an associate would be great to know the fundamentals related to the area. Design software such as Adobe Photoshop as well as Illustrator are prerequisites for the independent graphic designer for master and learning. This may also be accompanied by the new tools as well as application knowledge as the supplement.

– If the diploma course and college do not seem to be much feasible on the financial grounds, do the own textbooks for self-study using the huge sea of knowledge on the internet. A few of the wonderful options for self-learning include Lynda.com, Treehouse, SkillShare, Creative Live, Kelby One, and others.

You may also think about the world of arty flashy related to graphic design. This is the fastest and quick emerging option of career and several people have also made a clean amount of money through graphic design. Few of the full-time freelance handle to make adequate money as corporate counterparts. Moreover, the trend appears rising an amount of the work is accessible and also pay scale provides a much lucrative option for the office work.

There are several people who also have started taking up the work as self-employed graphic designers. This is a rewarding lifestyle. This also pays perfectly well and it is also a perfect and perfect option for those people who are planning to earn some extra money or people who are searching for the change or update from their daily grind of the corporate existence.

Key Duties – Freelance Graphic Designer

The Graphic designers should be much creative as well as analytical, which means a balance of two different mindsets is crucial.

Many graphic designers work quite closely with the marketing teams, with the content team along with the product teams to clearly understand service or product that are offered by a company, the significance of product and their value to the company, and finally help to create the design which may simply imbibe the character of the company. Below mentioned are some of the job duties being a graphic designer might include:

– Regular liaising with the managers and clients to identify the objectives as well as the requirements of this job

– Perfectly interpreting the business and need of the client and develop the much appropriate concepts

– Making the briefs of design thereby using the data through the research, and through the creation of the concepts

– Operational with an extensive array of media such as CAD and Photography

– Representing the illustrative skills along with the rough set of sketches

– Work on the different layouts and the pages of art working that are ready for the print

– Developing the design to be interactive

Skills – Freelance Graphic Designer

There are various different skills which you should develop and improve to be capable to land the decent projects of freelancing. Many of them might know that how you can use platforms like Dreamweaver, though it is important that you should remember that those with all the cash hidden away in banks mastered such platforms. When you may also count yourself among a bunch of rich and successful graphic designers, below mentioned are some of the skills which are keystones of this industry.

– Abode Skills

– Conceptualizing skills

– Skills of Free-hand

– Design Skills

– Skills about Storytelling

– Adobe Skills

On the other hand, Technological skills perfectly work as the knowledge for technologies such as InDesign, FreeHand, QuarkXPress, Illustrator, 3ds Max, Photoshop, Acrobat, Dreamweaver, Flash, and Director. At the same time, the internet provides various websites for potential graphic designers to develop as well as to enhance the skills that you need being a designer.

The Freelance graphical design mainly is among the top-paying career options of freelance care available. So, how will you become renowned and successful in the world of high-paying related to the graphic designer?

Being graphic designer, generally there are some specific things that you should do for becoming highly flourishing:

– Brand yourself

– Develop an effective portfolio online, where the employers may simply look at kind of the work that you have performed in past

– Create a much impressive portfolio of print, resume and the business cards

– A network having other designers, possible employers and also friends that work in the much-related fields such as website development and creation of content

– Regularly Practice and keep updated with the technologies such as InDesign, FreeHand, QuarkXPress, Photoshop, Illustrator, Acrobat, Director, and the Flash


The freelance graphic designer is mainly the creative professional that produces the design that is using visuals and acting like being your own boss while dealing with the clients. The job is mainly to assemble graphics, images and also typography creatively, with the help of technology, tools as well as computer software.

Kitty Gupta