There is a saying that nothing is impossible. Hence, it is possible to be a programmer and a graphic designer at the same time. However, the question is can one be a ‘good’ programmer and a ‘good’ graphic designer? For answering this one, you have to understand what it takes to be a good programmer or a good graphic designer. Similarly, you need to have an understanding how much time it takes to be a good programmer or a good graphic designer and whether it is practically possible to be good in both departments.

The Qualities Of A Programmer and A Graphic Designer –

The basic foundation of a programmer and a graphic designer is quite different. A person who wants to be a programmer generally does not want to be a graphic designer. However, there are some who want to be a jack of all trades. But jacks are never the masters and that is what good or great stands for. To be a programmer, you need to have the drive within you along with certain in-depth skills. The skill set comprises problem solving ability, basic mathematical skills, knowledge about how to apply your resources, and likewise. It is possible to cultivate the inner skill to eventually become a good programmer. Moreover, with practice, one can become a good programmer with time.

On the other hand, someone who is supposed to be a graphics designer, they are more passionate and driven. The programmer is seldom creative from a graphical angle. They are more analytic, more logical, and make the functional use of the brain. A graphic designer is all about imagination, creativity, innovativeness and likewise. Yes, there are technical skills required, but a good graphic designer is the one who can adapt to the current trend and come up with something new.

Duration It Takes To Be A Good Programmer Or Graphics Designer?

It takes a lot of time to be a good programmer. In fact, it is a never ending process. This is why you can a good programmer can never be a good graphic designer. To be a god graphic designer, less time is required because the person must already have certain qualities in him to be a good designer. It is not just that tools he is using or how effectively he is using, it is what he can create with it.

A good programmer is not always about creating something new. It is about how fast he can code and whether his codes are well understood by the others are not. Not just that, whether the code is using minimal resource for a large-scale operation or not, that also matters. So, more than imagination, a good programmer needs to be smart and hardworking to practice and find out the best possible solution. In fact, most of the work of a programmer is to solve a problem. For a graphic designer, it is always about coming up with something new to impress everyone.

Conclusion –

To wrap it all up, it is not possible to be a ‘good’ programmer and a ‘good graphic designer at the same time. This is because in one’s lifetime, one cannot master both of them in limited time span. Yes, one can be both programmer and a graphic design but he is not going to be good at both of them. They will be doing such out of compulsion rather than passion because the passion in them will be completely different. Therefore, you should try to be on one boat rather than trying out both.

Kitty Gupta