For any business, the interaction with the customers and prospects play an extremely important role. Not just the content to the interaction, the responsiveness as well as the robustness of the entire system matter equally. Ideally speaking, you will want your sales and support team to interact with the potential customers as well as already present customers like the way people interact with their friends. This is where live chat software tools come into play. A software tool for live chatting sets the image of the brand as well as helps to turn the potential customers into permanent customers.

1. LiveChat

It is widely used on websites to turn visitors into prospects and leads. You will see an instant rise in conversion rate with this one on your website. There are three main components available namely web-based chat system, web-based dashboard, and operation app. You can chat with visitors from your desktop and mobile device. The support for multiple languages, chat transcripts and reports are also available.

2. Drift

If you are looking to automate a certain portion of your chat using Artificial Intelligence and certain pre-written text, this is one of the best live chat software tools for that. It is a relatively new tool, but it is getting huge traction from startups. There is no doubt that fast and automated response will help generate quality leads and convert leads to customers faster.

3. PureChat

If you are looking for a live chat tool that is free and allows you to interact with the visitors when they are visiting your website, this is an ideal option. The free version has no restrictions as you can have unlimited chats and you will also get chat transcript for analysis. It is great for high-traffic websites, and in the free version, three operators can interact. They also have mobile apps for remote operation.

4. ZenDesk Chat

ZenDesk needs no introduction as it is one of the leading live chat software tools and the top brands and businesses use it regularly. Therefore, you can completely rely on it as long as you have the budget. More than anything, the analytics are simply awesome, and we all know that in today’s world, analytics are the data points that can drive the brands to success. Not just that, you can even evaluate the performance of the agent, and you can integrate various other tools and platforms.

5. ClickDesk

Apart from that usual text chat, this live chat app lets the sales and support team do voice and video chat with the customer. This is exactly why it is gaining popularity as video and voice chats are more trustable and the agents can lock in the visitors perfectly. It also provides the visitors to choose the agents from interactive maps, and there is an option for the pre-chat survey.

6. Olark

It is one of the most popular live chat tools though its popularity and market share have come down a little. You can customize your chat messages depending on the visitor’s interaction and behavior. You can add the tool to specific pages and send automated messages to the visitors. These messages can be according to their behavior and to serve what they are looking for. Not just that, you can integrate various business software tools for all-in-one operation. There is no free version, and you have to pay as per the number of agents.

7. Zoho Desk

Zoho Desk is another major player in the live chat software tool industry. It is a robust platform to address all customer requirements and support. There is an advanced artificial intelligence engine available, and the brands are sure to gain a lot with this one integrated on their website. It is tailor-made for the large support and sales teams.

8. Intercom

This is a very unique live chat software tools, and it is specifically created to help brands to boost sales and customer count. There are various advanced features available, and you can transfer the leads to the sales team, they can message the leads via email for constant interaction, and most importantly, you can interact with the contacts by analyzing their browser behavior and provide them exactly what they are looking for.

9. Smartsupp

This is a relatively new live chat software tools, but in such a small span of time, it has gained significant market share to get featured in this list. The agents will get instant notification when the visitors send a query and therefore, the response can be quick. You can view the behavior of the visitors thanks to its recording feature. It is totally customizable, and you can experiment to make sure the chat box get noticed. There is also a system for automated messages, multilingual support, and much more.

10. HipChat

Last but not least, HipChat has awesome features for easy chatting. Starting from private chat and file sharing to video calling and screen sharing, all the essential and advanced features are available. You can operate everything from your desktop and mobile devices. The security of the interaction is also on a high-level.

Conclusion –

Different people have different requirements, and therefore, it is essential for you to check out all of them. You can try out the free versions and choose the best one for you. Then, if required, you can always opt for the premium version to take it to the next level.

Kitty Gupta