It has almost become essential for websites to have a live chat section to instantly grab the attention of the visitors and get them out in all possible ways. Most of the live chats are automated, but if one can afford, they can have a team to attend tot eh visitors and satisfy their queries. But first, one has to choose the best live chat plugin to include the feature on their website.

If you have a WordPress website, it is rather easy to include live chat on the homepage of the website. There are endless live chat plugins available, and we have listed the top 3 of them. All of them are best in their one ways, but you need to go through them and select the best one for you.

1. LiveChat –

It is one of the most popular live chat plugins which is probably because the features are balanced and it is extremely easy to use for both users as well as the website developer. It greets people with a nice chat box, and this box stays visible all the time, and one can access it with a single click. Users can also leave feedback after the conversation is over. The following is the list of features in a nutshell.

– It lets your team interact with the visitors instead of them interacting with you first. By making the first move, you can engage the visitor and turn him/her into a potential customer. 

– You can control all the conversations from a single dashboard. It is also applicable when the plugin is set in more than one website.

– On the backend, every customer interaction is marked with colored circles which indicate how long the customers are waiting. This is highly useful for the support team to respond accordingly.

– You can customize the chat window as per requirement.

– You will get a full history of the previous chat for analysis.

2. Zendesk Chat

Zendesk is one of the most popular live chat service providers, and they need no introduction. Aside from WordPress, it is applicable to websites of different programming languages. It is a fierce competitor of Olark and Olark does not even have a dedicated plugin for WordPress websites. Zendesk Chat is not a widget but a dedicated WordPress plugin. In fact, the chat boxes of Zendesk are considered to be the most stylish of them all. The layouts are customizable, and there are themes to apply to them. It is also easy to maintain everything perfectly from the background without creating a mess.

Apart from these, you can access everything about the interaction and control them from your Android smartphone or iPhone. There are vital metrics provided for your analysis and reviewing of the performance of the support team. You can also track the chat history and view the visitors in real-time. The free version allows one agent to handle everything. However, if you have a team, you can upgrade to the premium version. There are too many features to make chat box interaction and helpful for the customers. For example, you can auto launch the chat box when a person is stuck in a page for a long time to help him out.

3. Tidio Live Chat –

It is one of the easiest live chat plugins out there, and upon activation, it is ready to deliver instantly. There are three different chat box designs available to choose from, and you can always customize them to suit your requirements. You can handle all the chats from Tidio Chat tab, and they have dedicated app for desktop, Android smartphone and iPhone. Even the users can send you offline messages for you to check and reply later.

You can continue the chat via email even when the user is not available online. The free version lets one agent take full control of all chats. For additionally agents, you have to opt for the paid version, and there are various premium features available starting from automatic message to unlimited concurrent chats.

Conclusion –

All these three live chat plugins for WordPress are equally impressive, and it is difficult to judge the best out of them. However, Zendesk is the most popular, and since free versions are available, you should try out each one of them and find out the best one for you. Different people have different requirements and the one that can fulfill all or most of your requirements, you should opt for that one.

Kitty Gupta