Programming is not everyone’s cup of tea, and we all can be honest about that. In most of the cases, the programmers come from a science background. But that does not mean that if you are from a non-science background, you cannot code. However, you have to better chance of learning to code faster and solve critical problems through coding if you are good at science subjects.

This is because from our school days, our brain can be more active and tailor-made for programming. In short, you can say that one needs to be good at math to be a good programmer. But to be just a programmer irrespective of skill level, you can be a programmer without being good at math.

Why Is Math Required In Certain Programming Areas?

There is a perception that you should not pursue a career in tech unless you are excited about mathematics. It can be the case if you are opting from engineering where there are several subjects based on math. However, if you isolate programming alone, you have some scope. However, there are many things in programming that are related to mathematics. But those mathematical parts are not too deep and you can always learn them even when you do not like math. The main point is that if you are not excited about math, you may not be excited about programming in which case you may not pursue this as a career option.

All you will need at programming is the coordinate system which is one of the easiest and interesting parts of mathematics and you do not need to be a genius to master coding. The second part of mathematics necessary in computer programming is a collection of functions which everyone knows already. Besides, you can learn them while using. Therefore, in short, math is not a barrier if you want to be a programmer and you feel passionate about it.

Moving Deeper – There are certain section in programming where extensive use of mathematics becomes a necessity. There are going to be problems where you have to find mathematical solutions. But all these parts are advanced parts and a programmer does not really have to go into that part. There are several routes available for programmers to pursue. Some become web developers, while others go for software development. There are many who opt for research works. If you opt for web developments, mathematics is never going to be your obstacle. In software development, most of the applications will never test your mathematical abilities. But you can still be a software developer and learn what is necessary and continue with your job perfectly.

If you are not working for a space organization where mathematics and precisions are extremely important or in a gaming company where mathematics is a must for critical develop, you are good to go with programming without having any interest or excitement in mathematics.

Kitty Gupta