The trend of learning to code from online courses and platforms is on the rise. This is because it is extremely convenient and the resources are plenty. There is no more wasting time visiting tuition classes, and you can concentrate better and continue studying as long as you want. There are so many popular online platforms available with free and paid courses for students to learn coding at home or anywhere they are. With so many choices, it is quite difficult to choose one unless you know the differences between them. We have picked the top three popular platforms namely Treehouse, Udemy, and Codecademy.

Approach And Selection –

Overall, all the platforms are almost equal as far as the number of programming languages and courses go. However, the stylish of teaching differ. Essentially, different platforms have different tutors to make you learn. But according to the trend in the market, Codecademy is considered the best for beginning willing to learn the basics of coding. For the advanced stages, Treehouse is the best as they actually have the courses that prepare the programmers to code in real-life projects. However, if a person starts with Treehouse and their advanced courses, it is going to be frustrating and discouraging.

On the other hand, Udemy is known for standard courses. It is a combination of both basics and advanced items. Therefore, it is suitable for those having some knowledge of programming which can be from their school or early college days. Therefore, Udemy is more popular than Treehouse because it bridges the gap of learners of all types. In fact, Udemy is more popular than Codecademy due to word of mouth and better branding and marketing.

Features Of Different Platforms –

Udemy and Treehouse – Udemy has a wider range of course, and there are many courses which are absolutely free. These courses are basic ones, but the platform is popular for its paid intermediate and advanced courses. On the other hand, Treehouse clearly has better and knowledgable instructors, and the presentation, as well as the visualization, is better for understanding the advanced topic faster. The course format is also quite flexible.

Overall, the learning will be better on Treehouse as the course design and other features are very efficient and student-friendly. On the other hand, Udemy has a vast community to help each other out, and there are courses available in as many as 80 different languages. The reason why Treehouse is considered better for advance learning is due to its project-based learning approach. Besides, it keeps on updating its courses, techniques, and features so that the students can make the most out of the platform. You can build projects as you learn which is the best approach.

On the contrary, the courses on Udemy are expensive, and the quality can vary as there are just too many courses to choose from. On the other hand, Treehouse needs your regular participation, and the courses are the most expensive as they are quite advanced with scientific teaching methods. The forum is not active which can be troublesome for most of the students.

Codecademy – Coming to Codecademy finally, Codecademy has an inbuilt editor and therefore, you can code simultaneously as you learn. Not that that, the overall environment is interactive and it has a great feedback system. Besides, every lesson focus on a single concept and therefore, the learning is easy and perfect. This is exactly why the beginners find it so useful and easy to learn. The community support is also optimal. On the contrary, the editor may not be great for heavy coding as it does have some bugs.

Conclusion –

If you are a beginner, go for Codecademy. If you have some basic knowledge, go for Udemy. If you already have enough knowledge and confidence and you want to know the advanced stuff, go for Treehouse. This order is only applicable for programming and coding only and can vary for other learning stuff.

Kitty Gupta