Online learning has attracted a lot of people and provides flexibility to learners. It is not only affordable but can also be free. It ensures that you study at your own pace and lets you access the syllabus directly from your computer or smartphone. There are many learning sites that offer you a wide range of courses like Pluralsight, Udemy, Lynda, and Coursera. One might find it difficult on which one to choose and how is one site better than the other. Online learning will let you learn a new skill through specialized technique and have it in your own comfort. Below, we provide you with some of the courses and services offered by these sites that help you in selecting the most appropriate one.

Pluralsight: Pluralsight offers more than 6000 courses ranging from graphic design to web development. Apart from skill development, it also offers professional courses like architecture and Information Technology. You can access all of these with the help of their app and learn everything on your phone or computer. It has over 1500 experts or authors and has teamed up with Oracle, Microsoft, and Adobe for different courses. It has monthly or annual subscriptions, and you can easily find business plans. Plural sight is also very helpful for training employees and provides better technical and computer skills. By enrolling with Pluralsight, you can have access to all the study materials, and there are also some free courses. It offers courses at different skill levels and provides quality online training. It focuses on creative training, IT, and development and gives mentorship on 1:1. You can easily check them by having a free trial and get their support 24/7.

Udemy: Just like Pluralsignt, Udemy also offers some free courses. Here, you can find different career building courses like graphic design, web programming, and finance. The programs are on traditional collegiate coursework and let you create a course with tools. It has made an effort to provide training to corporate employees and is a part of the Massive Open Online Course. A learner can access the courses from the official app available both on iOS and Android platforms. Udemy offers more than 100,000 courses and is available in multiple languages. It allows you to know the reviews of the course before you decide to spend on it. Udemy does not have monthly fees or subscriptions and lets you pay according to the course. It is the largest online learning site and has been a subject in various print and news media.

Lynda: Lynda or LinkedIn Learning offers video courses in different fields like business, animation, design, and software. It provides over 6,300 courses and has easy to follow video tutorials. Each course is by a qualified expert and is an effective e-learning platform. Lynda has creative projects and gives software programs. Some of its clients are the University of Southern California, Adobe, NBC, and U.S. Office of Government Ethics. This has app for Android, iOS, and Windows platforms and offers certificates after the completion of the course. The site has a free trial of 30 days and has a subscription charge on a monthly basis. It also has offline viewing and lets you determine your progress through quizzes. It offers unlimited access to each course and has different plans. You can either opt from a basic plan or from the premium plan and save your progress on the course.

Coursera: Unlike all the above, Coursera works with organizations and universities and deals in different subjects. The different subjects include mathematics, computer science, biology, medicine, engineering, and a lot more. It offers over 2,400 courses and includes over 33 million users. The courses of Coursera are up to ten weeks and include exercise, assignments, and exams before the completion of the course. It also has many on-demand courses and gives you a certificate after you complete the course. It has some free courses and lets you focus on real degrees by staying at home. If you are looking to have a degree or certification, then Coursera will be the best option for you. Here, students can choose from courses and have degree programs of up to 3 years. The courses are by top instructors and are from reputed educational institutes. It also offers a master’s degree.

After knowing about the various e-learning sites, you can now go through their respective profile and check the different courses. If you are looking to have a professional degree, then Coursera will serve as the best for you. However, if you want to enhance your skills in any field, then you can opt from Pluralsight, Lynda, or Udemy. You can see the flexibility as well as price and subscriptions. You can even try your hand on free courses and have your own reviews. Online learning will ensure that you learn a professional course from anywhere you want and have many options compared to traditional methods.

Kitty Gupta