Have you ever heard about Pinterest? If yes, it is good but if you haven’t heard so let me provide you a brief about Pinterest. Pinterest is the free website that allows classifying as well as to share the images or ideas that you find on the Internet. The website also has been used to plan weddings, generate the cookbooks, also create the reading lists, even throw the parties, decorate your houses, and other things.

Pinterest provides you with a myriad of practical functions, particularly for the designers. Its clean-cut layout of the grid lends itself perfectly well to image organization, thereby making it simple for a creative mind to the catalog ideas and the thoughts.

Since the year of launch in the year 2010 of the online image about the bulletin board, the popularity of the website has skyrocketed. However, in only nine months — May 2011 till February 2012 — the total unique visitors have enhanced by about 2,702%.

The Pinterest board is mainly the category of images that are created by the users of Pinterest. As the majority of boards are quite public, this is even a great tool to learn the new processes, showcasing their work, or just absorbing the inspiration from some other designs.

When you’re not a member already of Pinterest, you must join ASAP. Pinterest is mainly an awesome place for being inspired and see a few new works of graphic design. Below mentioned are a few of the graphic designers with awesome boards that should be followed.

1) Gavinskeels

He is an Australian Web designer or Graphic Designer with an awesome eye for what works on screen. He also has done a great amount of work in the advertising industry. The board of “My Style” is a brilliant view of how there is an influence of design mentality with the fashion sense.
Boards that you should follow are My Style, Prints or Printed, Web Design, iOS, box as well as Mobile UI/UX.

2) Design Quixotic

She is an art director as well as a designer from New York City. She generally uses the Pinterest as the place that could catalog not just those things she enjoys and she finds to be interesting, however her professional inspiration for the projects that she is working on. She also holds a master’s in Communications Design, and it also curates the design blog known as Design Quixotic.

Boards that you should follow: Typography, Graphic Design, Logos Marks and Icons, Poster, Web Design, Packaging Design, Identity, Mobile Design, Ampersands, Wedding Invitations, Business Cards, Monograms, Infographics, Patterns, Color, Book Covers and Labels.

3) Creative market

Creative Market is mainly the online store that allows graphic designers to sell the plugins, graphics, and fonts, etc. They are Pinterest which offer a wonderful collection of work from its merchants. This is a wonderful place to search for new designs to get inspired by.

Boards that you should follow: Awesome and wonderful Inspiration, Books, Blog, Icons, Infographics, Logo Love, Illustrations, Patterns as well as Backgrounds, Photography, Plugins, Templates as well as Themes, UI Elements, Creativity and Flat Design.

 4) From up north

From the Up, North is the design blog that wishes to connect you to some other graphic designers all around the world with a common set of inspiration. It began as a personal blog through Daniel Nelson, however, it has also expanded to become the brand of their own.

Boards that you should follow: Graphic Design, Lettering, Calligraphy, Typography, Letters, Print Design, Logotypes, Magazine Covers, Albums, Posters, Gig Posters, Movie Posters, Web Design, Icons, T-Shirts, Products & Packaging, Digital Art, advertising, Editorial Layouts, and Vintage.

5) Rebecca Elise

A painter, Graphic Designer and the general creative person is Rebecca Williams who always wish to create wonderful kind of the art. If you are quite a young designer who is searching for some person sailing in the same boat, so you need to check out her Pinterest.

Boards that you should follow: Compositions- Graphic Design, Typography, web design, Branding/Identity, Editorial Design, Posters, Book and magazine Design, Packaging Design, Advertising Design, User Interface/Experience, Color Palettes, Ideas of Self Promotion Ideas, Portfolio Presentation Ideas as well as Infographic Aesthetics.

6) Ohrusty

Liz Cook is mainly a designer who is based out at Chicago who has one eye for elegance. The lady is very much collaborator while it also comes to design and it also works for Knoed Creative, the branding as well as the studio of graphic design.

Boards that you should follow: Design along with Print, Identity Work, Miscellaneous, Illustration, Nice Type, Infographics, Publications, WebWork, Packaging, a combo of Photo+Type, Real Vintage, RTH and Noble Packaging.

7) Danny Blanton

The Fashion Designer for men is looking at the world through the eyes of Pinterest, you can explore the designers for an interesting view on the food, products and graphic design.
Boards that you should follow: You should follow the Logo, Web, Visual Design and Branding board. UI, Type, Design, Business Cards, and inspiration for the best Web Design should also be followed.

8) Marie Kazalia

Painter and an advertiser by professional, Marie Kazalia is also a designer who is all set for exploring more than graphics. In case you are searching for some of the most amazing and wonderful abstract inspiration, it is where exactly you must land and look for.

Boards that you should follow: Writing Art, Hard-edged Geometric Art, Art I Love, Asemic Art, Collage Art along with all of the boards followed by decade.

9) Heather Parlato

In case you are a web designer who is keenly interested in the package as well as in label making, so this Pinterest is great for you. She is even founder of the Parlato Design, which is a company geared towards the networking of the local designers that can help to create some of the big projects.

Boards that you should follow: Vintage Retro Design, Typography, Wine Design, Creative Inspiration, Beer Design, Books, Illustration, Cool Promo Ideas, Liquor, Brand and ID Systems, and Food Industry.

10) Photodoto

The site is a great launchpad for a person who is looking to get some wonderful photography on the web and to learn pointers to enhance their skills. This Pinterest is of Nancy Young, which is one of the Social Media Contributors.

Boards that you should follow: Typography for Photographers and Photo Editing Tutorials.

Kitty Gupta