A good design assists us in better knowledge about the world, and its advanced trends permit us to keep up perfectly with the passing times. It doesn’t matter you are a professional designer or doing work with it – always you should be conscious of the newest trends. One incorrect step in your project styling and it is measured boring, just the same as the creator.

Knowing the real meaning of changing styles assists to keep your work at an upper level and receive encouraging feedback. 

Color theme

The very first thing you should understand that users were fed up with simple looking web pages, posters, and mobile applications. Thus, in logo design and graphic design, it is ever more possible to see colorful and bright elements. There is not any secret that colors play an important role in making the project impression. But presently this fact is starting to be utilized to the greatest.

Best Ever Development

One more trend which continues for more than a few years is animated fundamentals. Straight-lined effects and transitions between web pages and the starting of functioning windows are in the remote past. Attractive slides, sharpness change, turns and a lot more makes sites and projects more amazing that catch the attention of the user.

One of the design objectives is to catch user attention. Show minimum one interactive chance poster or site, and he wishes to explore all more. It will stimulate a lot more interest in the service or product. Thus, interactivity is a regular and hopefully, you have noticed it in advanced UI trends.

Visual Warp

Once more: good looking UX design catches the attention and doesn’t let to look away. Do you know how it is possible? Making people think about all the elements to know the spirit of the picture. Additionally, you can play with the visual insight of a person.

The truth is that our brain is mostly built on designs and patterns. Some of them are straight, symmetrical pictures. But in case these rules are desecrated, the brain wouldn’t pass by but will wish to understand and examine the message. Thus, it sends us signals throughout that, in most of the cases, we stop searching at deformed images.


At the start, I informed that people were exhausted from dull designs. One of these is repetitiveness. So, over the last some years, gradients have been making more vigorously, or “transitions of the color,” as they are known now.

As this is the quite latest trend, it is passing throughout a new stage. Thus, now we can notice some attractive methods of its implementation. It may be an easy separation of an image into different colors or a soft transition from one specific color to another.

Now it doesn’t matter, you utilize the estimated combinations or colors that are not compatible at first sight. Understand that gradients are one of the important trends in design. Now it can be utilized in almost any type.

Futuristic designs and patterns

Now we have different devices that were appeared in that film, together with Nike sneakers and hoverboards with automatic lacing. Thus, it is a good time to use futuristic patterns and images in the process of graphic design.

These can be one image element or a complete image. Besides, the next some years it would assist brands to make really special content. Also, big companies can finally upgrade as well as keep up with the passing times. 


The present time is a 3D time. Above all, is a ton of work for the professional designer. But, we get a beautiful picture that you wish to thrust into. Simultaneously, 3D projects are ever more filling our entire world. Drawings, films on asphalt, business logos and a lot more are turning into more voluminous.

Amazingly, it perfectly fits with some other trends. 3D animation with a good looking gradient is on the top of ability. It is the best platform for the understanding of the most honest people. There are so many people that like it anyway.

Asymmetric designs and patterns

A famous trend in any possible area is deleting patterns and erasing borders. Check how stylishly designed museums or skyscrapers today. Turns and twists, roundness – all this was inconceivable in the last area. Now it is a wonderful trend. The more complicated the plan, the more colorful and attractive trends in the process of web design.

Now the same critical appearance seems unique. Already square grids are losing their significance as they turn into boring. It is intolerable in the graphic design field.


Drawing a 3D object in a 2D style is one more trend that started to develop this running year. Therefore, it turns into possible to make a complete universe in a small space. It takes somewhat more time to discover the universe, correct?

Imaginative serif on the font

I wish to pay special attention to the minor element of the process of graphic design that we mostly don’t consider. Keep in mind how you wrote in school and what type of your handwriting appears. Attractive curls look anywhere and the font turns into a lot more pleasant.

In simple words, we don’t care about this specific element. But in case we are discussing a company name or a slogan, then each and every part will be treasured. Suppose that the letters in the business logo in the image above are mentioned in the normal format of Times New Roman. No zero brand and creativity.

But some kind of view of even one specific letter “Q” instantly makes a simply remembered associative collection. In case you provide a business card with such type of logo, then definitely the person will think about it for some seconds before searching the address and phone number.

So, making more sophisticated serifs and fonts is one more trend of 2020. It will assist build reputations of the brand and attract more people.


This tendency has not collapsed for some years. But to the field of graphic design, and in specific, the web pages design, it came comparatively recently. Now it is the major trend of most of the possible developments.

Too much diversity

A little bit, posters or websites were normally filled with a mass of special shades, fonts as well as geometric shapes. Now, this type of bulkiness pushes apart. The pictures seem clumsy as if some of the whole thing was stolen for it. Not any possible sense of originality. Thus, nobody will sculpt the whole thing.

Kitty Gupta