Though certifications are not considered to be a substitute for the experience, they are a great place to begin. Let us now discuss that why should you pursue the AWS certifications?

1. AWS is Becoming Real and Gold Standard of Cloud

Though, AWS is leading with the pack in usually each aspect. As per Gartner, the cloud of Amazon is about 10 times bigger than their other 14 competitors, even when they are combined! It is also a piece of quite bad news for people on this Platform but it is certainly wonderful news for you.

Irrespective of the fact that you are a web developer, the admin database, or admin of system, or even the IoT developer, analyst of Big Data, the AI developer (and this list does not end here) your life will also be made quite simple when you take benefit of such platform. The touch of offerings almost every aspect of technology, as well as discussing would be also outside the scope. They are regularly adding more of the offerings and innovating in the way that is leaving the competition in the dust.

2. The AWS Certification is Feasible and in Reach

Dissimilar to some other vendors, Amazon offers some kind of realistic path of certification that does not need any specialized or expensive training that you should begin. It is not that it is quite simple to get certified, but at the same time, you won’t need to quit the job and also pay for the much expensive training to get the first certification of AWS.

AWS provides 3 tiers:

1. Tier of Associate Certificate:

•Certified Solutions for the Architect Associate

•Certified Developer for the Associate

•And Certified SysOps for the Administrator Associate

2. The Tier of Professional Certificate:

•Certified Solutions for the Architect Professional

•The Professionals for DevOps

3. The tier for Specialty:

•Safety of Data

•Enhanced Networking

•Huge Data

The most common kind of approach is, to begin with, Certified Solutions for the Architect Associate. This is certainly a wonderful way to get familiar with the AWS ecosystem and also core services. Moreover, you are also required to have the associate certificate prior to that you may sit for professional or even for the specialty exams. Also, AWS needs to ensure that you should have the certificate of Solutions Architect associate prior to that you may take the professional test for Solutions Architect or you have the Developer or the certificate of SysOps Associate before you may even sit for the test of DevOps Professional.

When it is about the training, the great resource is A Cloud Guru. Entire 3 associate certificates are passed by relying mainly on the excellent and awesome courses. Ryan Kroonenburg and also rest of the team of A Cloud Guru provide awesome training for the AWS, Docker, and different technologies of cloud and the courses are also quite affordable as well as unmatched in quality as well as the content.

3. The AWS Skills Are great in Demand

With this being mentioned, please you need to remember that just get the AWS Solutions Architect certification which is not automatically mean that you would make the annual salary that is indicated in the table. There are various factors are here at play, that include other skills, geographic location, experience, and others. The main point here is, proving for the potential (or for the current) employers that you will be quite competent for using the offerings of Amazon’s cloud that will have some great positive impact upon the career.

About one week, I passed the exam of Administrator AWS SysOps after passing Solutions Architect along with the Developer exams. I have recently explored the opportunities, so it will be a true test about irrespective of the effort will certainly pay off. Irrespective of the fact that what is the result, I feel that it has gained truly a unique set of skills which will certainly be quite handy inside projects along with the future opportunities related to career.

Key Benefits of the AWS Certification

So the reason that why you should be aiming to attain some AWS certification is many reasons that are mentioned below.

1. It is the badge of quality

Certification of AWS is quite valuable for demonstrating the AWS expertise to the customers” as said by Duncanson, whose company, Cloud, got awarded recently as the status of Public Sector Partner by Amazon. “It helps to serve a gold standard, and it also assists to maintain a high level of credibility with the clients while staying on the top of various AWS developments. While passing the Architect exam for Professional Certified Solutions it was the ‘badge’ of my understanding about the AWS cloud architecture that also opened the doors for the deep conversation of the cloud with the AWS and clients. Though Recently uncertified himself agrees Flannery that he also knows that DevOps does not only take certificates, but the program of AWS certification also provides an awesome path for self-improvement that gets recognized, so for every individual, it is always crucial.

2. You will be able to earn more

According to the Global Knowledge survey, it was revealed that some truly amazing numbers about the impact of the AWS certification upon the salary. Polling a great variety of IT workers as well as IT managers all through Canada and the US, the AWS certificate of cloud technology was usually found for boosting the salaries of these professionals by the much unbelievable 25.9%.

3. The past, present, and Future is all about AWS

The TechCrunch has expressively outlines, Amazon and AWS as a whole — that is not precisely going backward. Rather, it’s hurtling towards the complete dominance. As far when anyone may tell influence about AWS in a sphere of cloud computing that will just get greater in the future and also attaining access to work which is monopolization will be able to generate make easy when you have proof about the credentials.


Briefly, AWS certification allows you to get additional work with enhanced pay for many years to come. The Self-learners could simply rejoice! With just some amount of effort as well as some discipline, you may also become highly proficient. Amazon even offers a free account of tier so you may also use most of the services for one entire year and that free of cost. The hands-on experience usually is considered to be critical in the learning journey.

Kitty Gupta