Technology advancements get better the people’s living and save money and time for companies year after year. You can see that there is not any valid reason that in 2020 there will be any possible difference.

Once new technologies and techniques come to the front, people are cautious to utilize them at the start but when they become famous and confirm to be time-saving and useful, people start utilizing them more. Once the espousal of such technologies and techniques turn into widespread, they tend to be famous trends.

Here we are discussing the techniques and technologies which are expected to become Automated Web Testing Trends in 2020.

The main things of top automation trends that we discussing here are:

Automation integration of different procedures to allow an enhanced and improved end to end automation like DevTestOps, Hyper Automation

Keeping automation to the checking of different kinds of experiences and devices –Multi and IoT Experience

Independent Test Automation

Democratization – To make automation friendly

Here are some top Automation Trends that we are expecting in 2020:

1. Hyper Automation

It means “Unusually energetic or HyperActive” and not moving far from its sense, Hyper Automation indicates active automation.

Automation of nonstop procedures utilizing different technologies such as AI, RPA, NLP, ML, and some other technologies has been making its position in the business for some time now.

Companies are very involved in apply hyper-automation all over the procedures they follow as it assists them to decrease manual efforts to least and save considerable time and amount in a long way.

2. IoT Test Automation

You can see that technology is regularly increasing its attainment to make human lives simpler in all life spheres. Internet of Things or IoT is a good example of that. Here different forms of digital and mechanical objects are offered special IDs and are offered the skill to transfer information on the network without any human-to-computer or human-to-human interaction.

3. Independent Test Automation

Independent, in conditions of automated testing, indicates the skill to make test cases as well as apply them without human involvement. ML & AI are the technologies being utilized to make this realism.

4. DevTestOps

Now, it has been around for a decade and has turn into an important process of automation which allows companies to deploy necessary changes to a specific system in production fast and resourcefully. 

To confirm quality is kept between all these possible deployments, constant testing is now being merged with DevOps offering birth to DevTestOps. It aims to confirm that the transformation in the specific system will be deployed on invention not just without delays but even without any negotiation on quality.

5. Testing – Multi-Experience

You can see that many companies now concentrated on releasing their items on different types of devices together with augmented reality and wearables, therefore allowing the users to practice the products in unique ways. 

The tendency is for sure an expansion trend, but, a proper level of testing has to catch up to keep an unconditional quality. So, in the year 2020, Testers would be seen as acceptance the multi-experience testing as well as check out different ways to automate this type of testing.

6. The Automated Testing Democratization 

There are more than a few methods in which testing is being democratized and the tendency is predictable to grow. With the arrival of multi-experience progress, the total number of devices required for testing a simple growth is improving exponentially. The potential markets being worldwide and everything being released in different countries, testing on a great number of devices by a different type of people is needed. It is where this type of testing is confirming to be very helpful.

The automated democratization testing is even on the boom. Utilizing different technologies such as NLP, ML, and AI, automation has been very much possible with a lower learning curve.

Presently, automated testing is being understandable and doable for people though they do not have enough knowledge regarding traditional automation. It even makes feasible for other team members together with Project Management, Developers, stakeholders, and Product Management to get involved in the process of automation as and where required.

7. Automation Through Distributed Cloud 

There are more than a few tools of commercial testing such as Testsigma, Saucelabs, TestComplete which give to store the automatic test cases on the cloud and they turn into a complete testing package. The just issue that could mostly bother their users is mainly the delay they are facing in the execution of the testing and seeing the outcome just because of the cloud being effectively hosted in a remote location.

8. Mechanization to Improve AI Security Defence

The prologue of Autonomous and Hyper Automation things is going to make procedures efficient for sure but the greatest issue is going to be safe.

Most of the automation completed for Autonomous things and Hyper Automation would be driven by AI. Thus, automation and testing will even need to concentrate on the safety of these processes utilizing AI in 2020 to keep them secure and safe for use for all.

9. Reliable and Quick Test Automation

  • Usually, test automation has had a few general issues:
  • A full-size learning curve to know the automation of test
  • Automation takes somewhat more time as evaluated to testing
  • Cases of automated test become flaky 

Companies and testers have been searching for tools that could resolve the above issues and with new systems available to resolve these issues such as ML, NLP, AI, Autonomous things. The year 2020 would see organizations accepting such type of tools to get better the overall quality as well as reliability of test automation.

10. Test Automation to work superior in Agile Mode

Though some people are forecasting Scrum death, an agile method that became identical to agile for about a long now, agile along with different techniques is still in fashion and is being utilized by 97% of software development companies all over the world. 

Summary: Automation inclusion into the Agile System the right manner has been a tough challenge since and companies have tested to come out with amazing tools that can assist make Agile as automation-friendly as feasible.

Kitty Gupta