You can see that technology is a huge field and there are so many software programmers and developers that are working in different abilities for different technology domains. Thus, the requirement for these professionals to form a worldwide community online and stay attached is very massive. It assists them to stay efficient in the latest updates, opportunities, and news. Also, it permits them to showcase their ability and show their knowledge over a specific programming language or technology.

There are more than a few web platforms that cater to social networking as well as the collaboration requirements of programmers. Few famous Q&A websites let new programmers post their doubts and get replies from professionals. Expert programmers even get a transform to show their skill-set by replying to tough questions on such websites. It assists them to improve their visibility online and get better their professional illustration. Also, there are some other platforms built just for developers that do the decent work of bringing these brilliant software specialists on a platform and make an easy exchange of helpful information. To add it up, these sites let programmers take benefit of a worldwide platform to notice the different issues of technology with possible solutions; share related listings of the job, post enlightening articles and share enlightening resources.

So, here in this article, we have compiled some best platforms that give software programmers and developers a chance to communicate and connect with compatible peers and exchange information and ideas. The list shows some best websites and platforms that give some sophisticated features of social collaboration.

1. Stack Overflow

It is the best website for Q&A that boosts of a promising online community of more than 4.7 million software programmers. It has more than a few sections of Q&A that are related to Unix & Linux, android, web application development, programming, database administration, and game development. The website even provides attractive features such as the up-vote system, job listings, and badges.

2. Code Project

It is the best forum for programmers and developers. It has a variety of learning things in the type of tips, answers, and articles. This website permits users to post their questions related to technology and receive related feedback and answers instantly. Even, users can separately view unanswered and answered questions in a variety of categories, like Java, Android, mobile development, .NET, iOS, SQL and a lot more. This website even features helpful discussion threads, surveys, polls, and code snippets.

3. Code Ranch

This is a forum that concentrates more on Java language. The website even features conversation forums on other crucial topics, like database, android, PHP, frameworks, C++ and a lot more. This website is appropriate for expert and novice programmers to post their queries, share useful feedback and post related answers.

4. Programmers Stack Exchange

This is a big platform online for people to join or build an online section mostly on a specific topic. The site features more than 153 communities that cater to different people belonging to different areas. The subjects covered on this are freelancing, programming, philosophy, language, maths, science and many more. This website is fully dedicated to expert programmers to exchange details on the topics of software development.

5. Find Nerd

It is the best networking platform that lets big-scale companies, autonomous software sellers, technology enthusiasts, and consultants to collaborate on different projects, share information and find solutions to the technology. It even provides a section of Q&A forum for technology specialists and amateurs to post answers and questions and blogs on a lot of topics associated with software development, web development, mobile programming and many more.

6. Programmers Heaven

It is a robust platform on the web providing a variety of online learning resources for developers. The site hosts conversation boards that cater to different topics about web development, software development, programming languages, game programming, operating systems and many more. It offers related forums and some other resources for programmers that are best in programming languages, like .NET, JavaScript, C, PHP, Java, Ruby and a lot more.

7. Forrst

It is a community that caters to designers and programmers. The website allows expert web designers and developers to showcase their products and receive a response from other members of the community. It is a platform of online collaboration that allows their members to discuss and check out about new developments in the technology world. The website permits its members to build a profile page, share ideas about unique design and post related articles.

8. Geeklist

It is a worldwide platform for programmers to connect. It offers a collaboration online and platform of social networking permitting programmers to share files of the project, links, resources, and some other appropriate content. Also, it permits programmers to create communities that are devoted to technical subjects. 

9. LinkedIn

It is the best networking site that has more than 400 million users from all over the world. The site caters to a variety of working specialists from different sectors such as business management, information technology, marketing, advertising, law and a lot more. This website permits software specialists doing work in different domains to attach and share related updates, articles, listings, and news.


Software programmers must leverage the influence of social networking sites and get better their web presence. These days, large-scale companies and employers hiring for superior positions even take careful note of the online presence of the candidate on such sites. Thus, apart from adding to open-source projects on repositories of GIT, social networking is even measured as an activist trait by hiring best managers. Replying to questions and appealing in online conversations is even a part of the procedure.

Many websites based on community or forum feature a section of Q&A that lets developers find solutions and answers to their real-world coding issues. Also, more than a few networking sites host debate boards that cater to a lot of technology subjects and programming languages. 

Kitty Gupta