Splunk Enterprise is mainly maintained by the data center and here you need to simply style up the structure of the hardware while the Splunk cloud is mainly hosted on the cloud server and entire set of the configurations as well as the maintenance is completely done by Splunk. Here, the admin of the Splunk will take proper care of various troubleshooting as well as configuration about the Splunk Enterprise, on the other hand, the Splunk cloud it just takes care about the US configuration part.

The fact that Splunk Cloud is perfectly suitable for tracking some of the user logins, account lockouts, failed login attempts, Server Reboots as well as sorting such kind of the items by the user or by the host. We usually trace some of the failed user logins for someone that has cached credentials about the endpoint that might have resulted in the locked accounts which drive Help Desk ticket to simply volume up needlessly. On the other hand, Splunk Enterprise is very well suitable for those that have access to different and multiple log sources about the related data. Moreover, all of these may be correlated as well as the tasks may also get perfectly automated based on the requirement. Apart from the different kinds of alerts, Splunk Enterprise may even run the particular kind of the particular script of the choice that is based on some kind of defined situations. However, when there are just some of the logs but there are some log sources, where the Splunk might be quite expensive, as a ruby development agency recently found out.

Pros of Splunk Cloud:

– With the help of the Splunk Cloud, you may simply get the benefits of moving from the POC to the simple Production in just some of the days instead than in months thereby permitting the Business to simply gain much from it.

– It helps to take you away from the administration as well as managing the infrastructure, and it also allows in saving a good amount of money and time. It also helps to reduce the complete TCO which is also known as Total Cost of Ownership.

– A perfectly secure environment that you can access at finger-tips.

– You may simply move from the much Reactive Monitoring to the Proactive Monitoring

Pros of Splunk Enterprise:

– It allows for the separation of the control where we do not let a few of the employees to have complete access to the production however still it may be quite diagnosed with concern.

– Common kind of location for various logs also when logs aren’t in the same place.

– Capability to consume the logs from various locations devoid of needing to change code for putting in the logs in a specific place.

Cons of Splunk Cloud:

– The language query is perfectly documented but it also has some kind of the learning curve.

– It is difficult to copy-paste the JSON from logs devoid of doing it completely raw form.

Cons of Splunk Enterprise:

– Even though of the fact there is a search tool like the help function, you just need to read through various sets of documentation to search for the answers that you are looking for at times that you don’t it. Such kind of help function could be enhanced to be much intuitive or even have the built-in help for every report, for every dashboard, and every panel.

– Making the dashboard for Splunk is rather much straightforward on the other hand the customization is not simple. Splunk may also get improved and could also provide some additional tools as well as additional features for customization like adding some of the colors as well as the font options for graphs and text as well as for the graphics.

– The dashboards also have some of the useful details as well as information and also with the crucial and significant panels as well as reports at the top however there is not any simple and easy method to do it. Possibly Splunk can also get improved to simply allow features like adding the URL links for additional dashboards and also some other kind of the clever way to simply emphasize the crucial data in the dashboard devoid of compromising the space.


Overall the Splunk Cloud is quite much usable. It is suggested that recent searches got saved for a long time because It is always suggested to refer to the notes when searching for something specific and also it’s been some of the weeks. But this is the small issue, and also actual search, as well as browsing interface, is simple to use as well as it is powerful. On the other hand, in the Splunk Enterprise You may throw in the single word for Splunk and it can also pull back various instances of the word across the logs for a period that you choose (provided that you have some permission to see the data). We usually have different users who have also taken some free courses from Splunk which will also pull data out from every day with just a little help.

Returns on the Investment

  • Splunk Cloud
    • It helps to reduce the amount of the time required from different resources of internal security
    • It also helps to reduce the cost for every daily ingests of GB on SIEM by about 33%.
    • It also allowed us to simply migrate to the model of SOC that has a lower cost.
  • Splunk Enterprise
    • There is no doubt that business has some additional benefits from implementing Splunk. On the other hand, the analysts have also provided a wealth of support for reducing the issues of workstation issues all across the enterprise. It helps to reduce the time that takes to simply determine where the exact problem is between the workstation and servers it communicates with.


Splunk Enterprise is maintained by the data center and so you need to just-style up the entire structure of the hardware and Splunk cloud is hosted on a cloud server where the complete set of configurations and also proper maintenance is done through Splunk.

Kitty Gupta