Freelancing has its own set of benefits. Freelancers are not bounded by rules and regulations of a certain company, or do not have to be answerable to a controlling and authoritative boss. Nor is their creative thought confined by space and time, you get to work any place at any time.

 In this environment, you have the room to unleash your imagination and let it go wild. But there are two catches: you don’t have a stable income and you may not posses an infrastructure required to set-up a huge project that is infrastructural intensive.

Therefore, it’s best if you establish your own product and later deploy social media marketing for SAAS business. This will guarantee you a stable income and allow you to be the creative freak that you are. However, before we jump into the idea bandwagon, let’s first understand what SAAS is.

What Is SaaS?

SaaS refers to Software as a Service. SaaS gives you the legal right to design, own, and sell a software in form of a services. Netflix, for one, is a SaaS product.

Coming up with SaaS product ideas is no easy feat, you ought to have knowledge about evolving markets, finding the right set of technical and non-technical tools, and aligning it with your interest. But you don’t have to worry about it, since we have done that for you and have come-up with seven (7) unique SaaS product ideas if you consider yourself a freelancing digital enthusiast.

Unique SaaS Product Ideas

  1. Video Rendering

In today’s digital era where everything is captured in an eye of an camera, but seldom do people know how to use their asset adequately, you have the potential to capture this niche market through your SaaS product.

Video rendering or synthesizing entails that is that you generate a photorealistic or non-photorealistic image from a 2D or 3D model by through a computer program. Thus, from the definition its visible that the job isn’t quite easy.

Your product can be able creating an online web-based platform that allows people to render their pictures or videos. Given that the job is difficult, the competition out there isn’t a lot. Moreover, the idea has a lot of potential; on average 500 searches take place every week for video rendering services.

2. KPI Tracking Software

Every business-physical or virtual-needs to track its performance and achieve its targets, and they do that through Key Point Indicators (KPI). Businesses often have to measure KPIs through different mechanisms, that is, there is an absence of custom KPI software. This means that there is a lot of potential in the market. All of you have to do is integrate all the tools, which companies use to measure KPI, and make an app.

There is fierce competition as well as a lot of potential in this market.

3. Tele-healthcare  

COVID-19 has shown us the importance as well as the issues that exist in the existing healthcare system all over the world, as well as the socio-economic disparity, which makes matter worse, especially for that that hail from poor countries.

Post-COVID-19, Tele-healthcare will have a huge demand, especially from places that lack adequate medical infrastructure. The idea entails that medical assistance (doctor consulting, provision of medicines, etc.) is just a click away. The biggest challenge in this business would be ensuring that everything follows the government’s health standards. The problem, however, can be easily tackled by a thorough research.

4. Team Communications

With COVID-19, our lifestyles changed completely, jobs that could not be done from home, are now being done from home. As the new normal poses’ certain challenges, the world is coming up with innovative ways of adapting.

One of the new adaption methods is communication software. Due to the newly enforced social distancing rules, companies cannot operate at full capacity, thus, they need some communication mechanism to connect with their employees.

Therefore, as a SaaS business, you can design and create a communication portal that allows members to chat, call, conference call, and share files with one another, without physical location being a barrier to their productivity. The only catch in this business is that there’s a lot of fierce competition, since there are a plethora of team communication software out there in the market, like Slack, Bitrix, and much more.

5. Accounting App

This SaaS business idea can get a lot of clientele from salaried people to big corporations. Everyone wishes to spend their lives by a budget but are too lazy or not too tech savvy to create a spreadsheet for themselves. You can cash on this idea by launching an accounting app.

The app can be multifaceted, that is, have expense and budget reports as well as contain laws pertaining to finance and accounting in a certain country. The only difficultly you might face is that you’ll have to be up-to-date with the finance law of every country, but you can overcome the problem by starting from one region and gradually moving to all the countries. There is a lot of demand for such a SaaS product, especially in the Asia-Pacific region.

6. Auto Parking

With automatic self-driving cars on the way, auto parking shouldn’t be surprising. And we all also know that finding a parking spot during a rush hour isn’t easy. Not only do you have to ensure that you extract your car easily, but also that you don’t get fined.

An auto parking application might solve peoples’ parking woes. The app will work on a GPS basis to locate safe empty parking spots. The app that you develop will require some partnership with a parking company, wherein the app will maintain a record of regular customers and reserve parking for them.

7. Technical Skills

Job seekers have a hard time finding a job that suits them, aligns with their degree, and for which they have the right kind and amount of technical skills. To solve this issue, an app can be created that tells potential job seekers about the required skills in their field of work so that they attain them to increase their chances of employment.

However, since the app will be teaching them the skills, different skills should have different apps otherwise it will become too heavy to operate efficiently.

As global economies shrink, Information Technology (IT) and self-employment are the way to go. If you’re a digital ninja, you should consider investing in SaaS product to secure your future.