Today, most youngsters think of turning to programming. They read lots of success stories, overlook the innovation markets, as well as learn about developers’ salaries. It all looks intriguing. Beyond that, one perk which definitely draws students’ attention is the ease of learning programming. You can now sign up for online courses, and practice everything with designated programming solutions which are usually free to download. When the basics are learnt, students proceed with taking their first orders. Yet, it is not always so easy because of the competition in the market.

This guide will cover the working tips on how to become a sought-after freelance programmer.

Starting Your Programmer Career with No Trouble

Prior to diving into the world of huge competition, you should first deal with all your accompanying tasks, strange it may sound. It means that your studying progress should not affect your freelance occupation. For instance, ensure to complete your assignment or one or another homework. If you need help, you may turn to CW Assignments, a service that provides assistance for students with the “my STEM disciplines”.

Now, when you do not have any academic deficiencies, you can manage your starting freelance programmer job. Off we go!

#1 Decide on the Programming Field

It would be fair to say that the majority of students enter the industry with their front-end skills. First off, they are easy to manage. Secondly, there is always demand for such specialists. If you still think of choosing the field, you may need to read about the following:

  • Software application developer – You may work on developing iOs and Android apps;
  • Web developer – Your major focus is on the Web environment, like website programming;
  • Computer systems engineer – You can design, test, as well as assess software and computer technologies to create secure systems for further use;
  • Database administrator – You overlook the functionality of one or another database;
  • Computer systems analyst – Your primary goal is to analyse the computer systems;
  • Software quality assurance (QA) engineer – As the name suggests, you check the quality and test software;
  • Business intelligence analyst – With the help of programming, you come up with the best solutions for one company’s growth and sales.

Most fields can be learnt by signing up for online courses, while more complex ones like Cybersecurity may require degrees.

#2 Decide on the Programming Languages

Another thing alongside the field is the choice of language. You can choose from Java, JavaScript, Python, C++, C, Ruby, PHP. They all are designated for particular tasks. For instance, by learning Swift, you will be aware of iOs apps and their Web environment creation. With Java and JavaScript, you can land your first orders for front-end requests. The experts do recommend focusing on one or two languages at first rather than learning as many as possible. You may check online comparisons of them all to understand what may fit your particular case.

#3 Work on Your Online Profile

You can create a personal account on two leading platforms. Authentic Jobs is a site for those who look for remote jobs, internships, as well as part-/full-time orders. Then, you can also go for GitHub which is a Git repository where programmers communicate, but there is also a job board. When creating your virtual CV, you should specify your existing programming skills. If you are currently studying anything else related to the field, you can also add that. It is worth saying that most programmers like to fake their skills and experience by complying with the field rule – fake it till you make it. Yet, it is fully up to you.

#4 Contribute to Open Source Projects

If you lack some kind of promotion of yourself, you can always stick to the programmers’ networks and work alongside other pros on open source projects. On most occasions, there is no money to receive, however, you can use that for backing up your skills or experience with particular languages among others. Then, you can also join communities on social media where programmers share the open jobs or projects for starting specialists, so do not miss those opportunities as well.

#5 Join Boot Camps

Another opportunity for freelance programmers to sell themselves is to sign up for summer boot camps. They are usually prepaid, but such investment will contribute to your visible presence in the market. Join the classes of languages, or Cybersecurity programs. You will learn fundamentals, or work on projects alongside like-minded people. After that, you can get references which you can show during your first interviews.

#6 Don’t Give Up

Last but not least tip: do not give up on landing your first projects. As was said above, the programming market boasts huge competition. Online freelance employers like to hire someone experienced but paying them less. Therefore, your expected hour-price might be too high for them. To determine your right price, and never lower it if you believe you deserve it. Try to send applications to as many open projects or vacancies as possible. Try to boost your persuasive or communication skills to show a company that you can deal with web development better than others. Beyond that, do please avoid signing up for projects which involve no up-front payments. There is lots of fraud where people do projects and are promised to be paid later. You may finish the order but get nothing in return. So, how to be a better freelance programmer without helpers? You might laugh, however, your dedication and motivation are Must. You need to understand that competition is present in many industries, and you have to go the extra mile selling your candidacy. Then, you have to work on your CV and job platform personal account. Demonstrate your skills, knowledge, and experience. If you do not have any experience, you may lie a little but be ready to come up with a story to prove that imaginative experience. Finally, never neglect internships if you want to boost your knowledge in programming. After completing them, you can be hired part- or full-time.