Remote work has been on the rise these past few years, with over 26% of the American workforce working remotely in 2021, according to a survey done by Upwork. Whether you’re a freelancer or you have a remote full-time job, remote work does have its inherent advantages, including flexible hours and minimal to no commuting costs. However, one issue can be space. While working from home is convenient, it also makes it easy for you to get distracted and lose focus.

This is why more people are opting to choose co-working spaces – these spaces provide the benefits of remote work in a professional environment. A survey by Coworker shows that 71% of those who have used co-working spaces will continue to do so, while 54.9% of those who did not use co-working spaces will try these services out. However, in light of these past couple of years, and given that co-working spaces are high-traffic areas where people use shared amenities, it is all the more important to keep co-working spaces clean.

Daily And Thorough Maintenance

More individuals deem sanitation as an important part of a safe workspace. A survey conducted by the Cleaning Coalition of America shows that 66% of employees want better cleaning protocols before they consider using a space for work. The first thing that owners of co-working spaces need to do is establish a clear set of cleaning guidelines. This is a good way to remind clients of their personal responsibility when using shared spaces. Owners should also make sure that proper waste disposal is easy to do; for instance, waste bins should be placed in accessible areas and sanitizers, and other cleaning products should be readily available. Finally, even when all users of a co-working space regularly abide by the space’s cleaning guidelines, accumulation of germs is still unavoidable. Owners of co-working spaces should regularly hire professionals, such as air conditioner cleaning services and commercial carpet cleaners, to do a more thorough office cleaning.

Keeping a Co-working Space Clean and Neat

Personal accountability is one of the core values of using a co-working space. After all, it is your health that is at stake when using shared amenities. As such, it is important for users of co-working spaces to adhere to the cleaning guidelines set by the owners. One easy way to do this is to follow a clean-desk policy. This means that you need to keep the space you are using free from clutter. Not only will this ensure that you are safe from germs and bacteria, but it can even reduce stress and increase productivity.

It would also help if you regularly sanitize potential hotspots for germs in a co-working space, such as shared desks and keyboards, which can contain up to 7,500 bacteria. Make sure that you wipe down these areas with disinfectant wipes or a microfiber cloth dampened with isopropyl alcohol before using them. Of course, it goes without saying, but always wash your hands. It is a proven way to keep yourself safe from viruses and bacteria that you can get from surfaces that countless others have touched. These tips are simple enough to follow, but they can make a huge difference in keeping co-working spaces clean. At the end of the day, it takes both the owners and users of co-working spaces to ensure that these environments are safe for work. 

Featured Image Source: Pexels